Please make SKINs work with multifit/hauling

With the rise of Lifeblood, we will see one-time use SKINs.

I like this idea, but this makes having SKINs on everyone’s ships even more fiddly. Can we possibly make it so you can have SKINs in the hold in a Fleet Hanger as well as multi fit/multibuy functionality?

It would really suck if trying to use these new SKINs ended up just being too fiddly to work with.

So, while I agree this is a good suggestion/change Lifeblood isn’t the introduction of ‘disposable’ SKINs. The Resource Wars SKIN rewards are, as near as I can tell, normal SKINs for the ship in question and we’ve had time limited SKINs as drops for a select few ships for quite a while now. The Guristas SKINs come to mind as an example.

I recommend you throw this into CCP Karkur’s Little Things thread. Make sure you remember to format it correctly so her scraping tool picks it up.

Previous SKINs were limited by time (30 day SKINS) these are one-time-use. I also talked to CCP Karkur, and tweeted it. CCP Customer Service advised also making this thread, so I did.

Huh, that’s interesting, I couldn’t find mention of that in any of the published materials… well then I stand corrected.

I can’t find it in the blog, but they have mentioned it several times, and it is on Sisi.

Wasn’t disbelieving you, just pointing out that it’s not stated anywhere that was easily accessible when I went looking, both before I posted originally and when I did a deeper dive after your response.

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