Please make SKINs work with multifit/hauling

(Ashterothi) #1

With the rise of Lifeblood, we will see one-time use SKINs.

I like this idea, but this makes having SKINs on everyone’s ships even more fiddly. Can we possibly make it so you can have SKINs in the hold in a Fleet Hanger as well as multi fit/multibuy functionality?

It would really suck if trying to use these new SKINs ended up just being too fiddly to work with.

(Cade Windstalker) #2

So, while I agree this is a good suggestion/change Lifeblood isn’t the introduction of ‘disposable’ SKINs. The Resource Wars SKIN rewards are, as near as I can tell, normal SKINs for the ship in question and we’ve had time limited SKINs as drops for a select few ships for quite a while now. The Guristas SKINs come to mind as an example.

I recommend you throw this into CCP Karkur’s Little Things thread. Make sure you remember to format it correctly so her scraping tool picks it up.

(Ashterothi) #3

Previous SKINs were limited by time (30 day SKINS) these are one-time-use. I also talked to CCP Karkur, and tweeted it. CCP Customer Service advised also making this thread, so I did.

(Cade Windstalker) #4

Huh, that’s interesting, I couldn’t find mention of that in any of the published materials… well then I stand corrected.

(Ashterothi) #5

I can’t find it in the blog, but they have mentioned it several times, and it is on Sisi.

(Cade Windstalker) #6

Wasn’t disbelieving you, just pointing out that it’s not stated anywhere that was easily accessible when I went looking, both before I posted originally and when I did a deeper dive after your response.

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