Please put "Import from Clipboard" and others back at bottom

As tittle states, I would like the import buttons but back at the bottom or some other easy to access area of the fitting management window. The top next to the tittle would be a good place too. I do three things with that window: import, export, and open fittings to buy all. The window should make it easy and quick to do the main things that it is meant to do. Opening up a sandwich menu really isn’t all the time consuming but it adds up and is kind of annoying.


I support this, “import from clipboard” is the command I use most in that window

+1 to OP

This has been a huge frustration.

I also want to see “import from clipboard” brought back as well. I have used this feature a lot since the In-Game Browser was retired.

The IGB had some awesome Javascript hooks that allowed websites to open fits in-game at the click of a button, this feature was lost when the IGB was retired. That feature is something that really needs to be added to ESI.UI, but in the meantime, I have to use my clipboard and having the import button hidden behind another layer of UI abstraction is a pain in the arse.

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