Please return red dots

Please return the red dots notification and make it configurable.



Can I get a witness?


I noticed the other day, if a corp or fleet member adds something to a fleet hold, no red dot.

So if I do it, I get a red dot telling me I did it.

If someone else does it, no red dot.

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Sounds pretty classic CCP style to me. :wink:


:red_circle: Worse: If I add something to my cargo, there is no red dot. If I do it again, there is one. If I add something to my item hangar via Drop Box, there is no red dot. If I do it again, there is one on the second item. This feature is hilariously inconsistent and annoying.


There are red dots appearing in a ring around my jettison bay. Looks serious. If you have been with me in the last 30 days, and you are seeing these red dots too, get tested



How is this thread funny?

All the op deserves is a hard smacking…

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Here it is now fetch!

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Simply irresistible topic

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â– â– â– â–  off Balos.

Yeah, for the forum trolls like you @Dragos_Highwind @Darlo_Kubika, etc.
CCP triggered all of the trolls with such a simple trick. Kudos to CCP.

Back to the topic:
This is very good feature just poorly executed. If they just gave control over it, all of you could disable it and others could use it the way they want.

The way it’s implemented now is inconsistent as @Zhalyd_Lyehin & @Salt_Foambreaker pointed.

You started this thread, blissfully ignoring all the previous, closed threads about :red_circle:.
Those threads mentioned poor execution of this “feature” and asked for removal or control in countless posts. So what exactly do you bring to the table this time, apart from “troll feeding” ?

anyway, inb4 lock

Complaining about trolls in a troll post is so ironic it really hurts :slight_smile:

And @ Nicolai Serkanner you simply cannot let a single post of me stay as it is without taunting or insulting me…guess who is the troll regarding your behaviour here?


Don’t get me wrong, though. I do not want to this feature to stay. It is more annoying than anything else. Not just because of the inconsistencies and bad implementation but simply because it is not necessary.

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I think they should update the dot to a ball.


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