Please Stop Rioting in Jita All the Time. (Even if you're right)

Why Ash thinks the Jita protest is a bad idea EVEN IF YOU THINK THE CHANGES ARE BAD.



You know what… Thanks :expressionless:

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What exactly is “unsub”-ing?

Does that mean cancelling your Omega?
Or just turning off the auto-renewal?

Well at the time of the original riots there was no free-2-play option so people canceled their subscriptions.

I hope the fact that you’re “making enemies” doesn’t dissuade you from trying to be a voice of reason. I assure you that there are players out there that appreciate what your doing.

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Eh at the end of WWB I was accused of being a goon sympathizer because I said TEST did a poor job in their assault. This hot take has created far less enemies than past ones!

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Stop rioting… please…

Start blockading … :grin:

Better idea IMO.

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