Please stop the HS Triglavian Nonsense

EVE was a lot easier before, mind it. And even then the game was called niche. Would it be sad for you to find out even less people to play with in some time? At least you could get more alts, or quit yourself too because the world feels empty, with more NPCs taking place of people.

Just an impression, of what could come soon, when all people are going to accept it, and fully embrace it:

Would you say that about EVE Online in the end? As it looks, more people say that than not, leaving after trying the game.


A cheap ship. I like the sound of that. I’m a poor spacedude. I hope I don’t have to buy a skill for the target painter. Then I’ll have to wait some more for that adventure.

Honestly, it sounds like you’re a bit strapped for isk, t1 frigs are the cheapest. So you’d better postpone and get a better wallet before you venture into Pochven. It may require a few tries (as in “ship losses”) to get it right. If you are a “poor spacedude” it’s simply because you don’t have the knowledge yet on what is possible in the game.

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It isnt game for casuals.

Invest money and time, hone your skills, and remember that even slight error can be your demise.

EVE demands commitment.

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My fortune presently amounts to 3,478,834.00 exactly. I have to use some of it to buy skills. I’m in a Merlin pos with a not-so-cool skin. I think I’ll follow your advice a wait a while before I play nicey-nicey with Trigs in Pochven.

You need weapon hard points for these to be fit like these NPC rats. There aren’t any missile hard points on any triglavian ships, and yet these triglavian rats have them. Its not accurate and yet there it.

NPCs have never been restricted to player-possible ship fits. This is especially true of non-Empire factions who could easily have custom fittings of their personal ships and elect to not sell those designs to capsuleers, or in the case of unfriendly factions like Trigs, those reverse-engineering their ships are making design and implementation choices of their own when designing the BPOs.

So lore supports NPCs not having the same fittings as capsuleer ships, and it definitely makes balancing easier for CCP to not be operating from strict ‘I have to fit this ship with actual modules that then are impacted by player-targeted balance changes’ and instead assign just defined behaviors for the specific NPC.

You know these ship designs are dropped from these trigs, right? It isn’t reverse engineered it is the specs that these trigs carry in their cargo.

They aren’t literally dropping complete capsuleer-buildable design schematics from a lore perspective. It’s a hand-wave for gameplay so we don’t have to go through and invent BPCs for them.

The ships even reflect this in their descriptions (emphasis mine):

A light, long-range combat ship that may be considered the Collective’s approach to standoff destroyer designs, the Kikimora is another Triglavian design that has proven adaptable to capsuleer technology, as with previously recovered examples of ship architecture recovered from Abyssal Deadspace.

I wish we could invent the missile launcher.

Oh wait


You can always fit festival launchers. :wink: