Please stop the HS Triglavian Nonsense

It is a bigger issue because gankers target for a known factor, Trigs target for passing through a system that a newbie has zero idea about. You can look at my corp and what I do and I am trying very hard to recruit people and make them very hard to gank, but CCP is making it extremely difficult and with a very stupid mechanic to fix it, and it is tiresome. We want to keep people not drive them away with an onerous and tiresome mechanic, do we not?


You’re failing quite hard at making them difficult to gank if NPCs are this much of a problem.

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Your trolling is noted, here is your required attention. Now you can go back to your internet porn or whatever it is that you do with yourself.


I’ve already told you how to fix your non-problem.

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Some gankers are a known factor that gank for profit, or control of space. Others do it for the laughs.

Trigs are motivated by control of space - they want to protect the wormholes that access their homes - and will kill anyone they view as a threat. Dealing with that is as simple as killing a frigate in an opposing faction (technically you don’t even have to actually kill it every time - shooting once can do the trick), and there is plenty of information available that outlines where both the Trigs and their opposition will show up so players can plan accordingly. Removing content because any given group of players doesn’t do that research would mean we would have no content at all in short order.

EVE is not an easy game to get into. It’s a large, complex game with a whopping 17 years of backstory and development. Plenty of that content is not friendly to any player, newbro or otherwise, but players have spent countless hours building up resources to document it all and help newbros learn about the incredible, deep world they dropped into when they logged into EVE.


By the way: Have you considered reaching out to a Polish starter corp to see if they are willing to share information they have prepped, or do a guest fleet event with your corp mates to explain some of the more nuanced aspect of the game? Networking is always a chance to expand your knowledge base.


They absolutely show up at random because they have a wide range of systems they can spawn in around the invaded and minor victory systems. Perimeter was never invaded but it has a constant trig presence.

Inform yourself before you talk nonsense.


You are doing gods work helping people get trig standings. It will help them when they finally leave high sec one day for sure.

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While you’re not wrong that there is a logic to where trigs go to, when over 50% of a region has a chance of trigs, it’s pretty much “random” in that region if they appear or not.

I agree with the complaint that this is bad gameplay especially for new people, and the navigation hazard warnings make it worse: the popup about “careful! there might be triglavians here!” gives the impression that you’ll get a warning - and then you get attacked by them somewhere else.

What organized people need to do is get their folks dual positive: go to Pochven in something that can shoot to up to 70km, find a drone wh or site, warp at range, align out, kill one of the tiny drones, warp out, wait for the tick, done. You get a tick-up for both Edencom & Trigs and never have to care about the trig event again. Do this as a group to make it easier if you have a lot of new people.

(Of course that only works if you did not make the mistake of participating in Chapter 3 of the invasions, but as we’re talking about new guys here it should not be the case.)


No. Trigs and EDENCOM should stop spawning from the wormholes. Lets fix what is broken.


For me your post was very informative and helpful. I have looked into going to Pochven to improve my Trig standings but most of what I have read have been too brief or obviously lacking vital information, like saying “just kill drones in Pochven”.

But its not much use to the OP who already complained about having to get newbros to fit for a ship they will never or hardly ever use. A special mission into extra special dangerous space with a bunch of newbros is already going to be a nightmare. Now throw the smallpox blanket of language barrier over the whole process, explaining the mission and the fittings and all the usual misconceptions of EVE along with the translation misconceptions, then filament into Pochven giving emergency orders on the spot.

LIke I say, great info for me, but for the OP, not so much.

A big problem with the Trigs is that they will gank and pod anybody and any ship. Even most gankers have some standards.

We could make up all sorts of in-game reasons why Trigs would blow up a corvette flying through with an empty cargo hold and then pod the pilot who is seven days old and has no implants, but out of game that’s questionable at best. There are some people who will be like “Neato! I got blown up!” But for those who are trying to progress in the game its a whole new level of frustration on top of the usual frustrations which were already pretty harsh.

I personally don’t have a problem with Trigs, even with neutral standings toward them and them trying to kill me. In fact, I have referred to them as Santa Claus cause they have dropped some nice presents for me. But really, they should not be podding people who have low cost implants or none, and some sort of algorythm where they ignore non-aggressive, cheap ships with small time cargo and modules, and newer pilots seems appropriate. Would be complicated though, I admit. Might be easier to do as the OP suggests and just give new characters small positive standings, maybe for a month or so.

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I am doing your job and you do nothing but harm me and the new people I am trying to keep.

You realized you can have left them and they would learn on their own? Everything, from language to game mechanics. There is internet. Trigs be damned, thats obviously not what CCP wants from you, else they would help you somehow.

Dont do someone else job.


I have taken a group of alts with zero useful combat skills to Pochven to blap their first (and last) drone. Pochven is not super-dangreous ubernullspace, it’s more like Wormholes Lite for PVE Nullbears. Anyone able to organize enough to have a feeding corp to a pvp outfit can totally organize them to get dual-positive.

But yea, I still agree that it’s stupid they have to and can - what’s the point of having aggressive NPCs if then there’s a easy (if tedious) opt-out? All it basically serves now is to punish newbies and the people who had the audacity to take part in CCP’s major storyline event of the last year, neither groups that particularly need punishment.


Getting trig standings is easy, but I don’t see any reason for this “content” to be forced on players. This is bad game design, just waste of time for everybody not interested in trig nonsense.


This sounds like a cool cooperation, i want to join i speak german this would be fun!
For the trig issue, it is really easy.

Step1. Get Polish corpmate, tell him to kite Trigs away.
Step2. Give Polish corpmate spaceship with high alpha damage. Pick Trigs off one by one start with the scrams.
Step3. Give more Polish corpmates spaceships to finish off the rest.

Trigs are fine please dont change them they are fun to toy around with.
dupa jaś?

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I am impressed about how you put blame on CCP for this one.
You don’t think that the language barrier would generally be a problem, no?

I mean, you’d still have to teach these people the same things anyway … no?
Maybe the context changes, but the lessons stay the same … no?

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Unfortunately you’re wasting your time asking anything from CCP. They’re deaf and blind to whatever problems they’re creating for players.
You’re better off using the time you’ve wasted on this forum to figure something out yourself to counteract that Trig annoyance instead of asking a blind man what colors he sees.


So what?

Thats no excuse


So you trap new players you can’t effectively communicate with in a corp with the promise for help which you obviously can’t provide?

Well exploding spaceships is part of the game. EVE isn’t an everyone wins all the time environment, it’s part of the game to learn how to not explode. I have somehow never seen a genuine new player come to the forums and complain that this game is too hard.

For some reason it’s always the 10+ year old players that “selflessly” come here to lobby for the removal of a feature they claim to be detrimental to “new player retention” and “CCP’s wallet”, but in reality is probably just inconvenient to their own farming activities.


Just write a guide in polish and copy the link to new people easy.