Please stop the HS Triglavian Nonsense

There are trigs on specific system gate, that can murder you, without a need to be edencom or triglavian or whatever.
The only need is to be within 3 jumps from a former KS system that’s been moved to pochven.

No warning. Nothing you can do since they camp the gate, web and scram you (if you are lucky, in that order).

That screenshot was totally worth whatever you lost. :wink:



EDENCOM fortress systems also can spawn trig wormholes. The list that covers all systems is pretty long.

Adirain, Adrallezoen, Aere, Aeschee, Aghesi, Ahtila, Ahynada, Aice, Aikoro, Airshaz, Aivonen, Ajanen, Akidagi, Akkilen, Akonoinen, Aldranette, Aliette, Alikara, Allamotte, Amattens, Amoderia, Andole, Anher, Anka, Annaro, Ansen, Ansila, Antollare, Anttiri, Aokannitoh, Aphend, Aramachi, Arant, Arbaz, Ardallabier, Ardene, Ardishapur Prime, Arifsdald, Arraron, Arwa, Asakai, Ashab, Astoh, Atier, Atlangeins, Attyn, Aurohunen, Autama, Autaris, Auviken, Avele, Averon, Bahromab, Bawilan, Bei, Bereye, Bhizheba, Boillair, Brapelille, Brybier, C-4D0W, Caretyn, Carirgnottin, Cat, Chantrousse, Charra, Croleur, CT8K-0, Derririntel, Doril, Dudreda, E-OGL4, Eitu, Ekid, Elonaya, Enaluri, Enderailen, Enedore, Ennur, Erenta, Erila, Erme, Eruka, Fabin, Fabum, Fasse, Fegomenko, Fricoure, Friggi, Futzchag, FY0W-N, Gammel, Geras, Gid, Gratesier, Haajinen, Hageken, Hagilur, Hakisalki, Hakonen, Halaima, Hallanen, Hedion, Hentogaira, Hikkoken, Hirtamon, Hogimo, Horkkisen, Hulmate, Huttaken, Hykkota, Hysera, Ichinumi, Ichoriya, Iesa, Ihakana, Iidoken, Ikao, Ikoskio, Ikuchi, IL-H0A, Illamur, Immuri, Inaro, Innia, Inoue, Isanamo, Isaziwa, Isenairos, Isikesu, J-GAMP, Jan, Jayneleb, Josameto, Jovainnon, Jurlesel, Juunigaishi, Kaaputenen, Kaimon, Kamela, Kamio, Kaunokka, Kausaaja, Kazna, Kehour, Kiainti, Kinakka, Kino, Kirras, Kubinen, Kudi, Kulelen, Kuoka, Kurniainen, Kusomonmon, L4X-1V, Laah, Ladistier, Laic, Laurvier, Leremblompes, Liekuri, Lilmad, Lisbaetanne, Litiura, M-OEE8, M9-LAN, Madimal, Madirmilire, Mai, Maiah,Malkalen, Martoh, Mastakomon, Maurasi, Meildolf, Mifrata, Mimiror, Mormelot, Motsu, Muer, Murema, Murzi, Muvolailen, Myyhera, Nakri, Nennamaila, Netsalakka, New Caldari, Ney, Niyabainen, Nomaa, Nourvukaiken, Obanen, Obe, Odette, Odixie, Offikatlin, Ohkunen, Oichiya, Oimmo, Oiniken, Oisio, Old Man Star, Olo, Ommare, Onnamon, Onne, Onsooh, Orien, Orkashu, Osaa, Oshaima, Osvetur, Otanuomi, Otitoh, Otomainen, Otsasai, Otsela, Ouranienen, P3EN-E, Paara, Patzcha, Pavanakka, Pemene, Penirgman, Perimeter, Piak, Podion, Poinen, Prism, PX-IHN, Ragnarg, Raihbaka, Rairomon, Rasile, Ravarin, Rohamaa, Romi, Saana, Saidusairos, Saikamon, Saila, Saisio, Samanuni, Sarekuwa, Sasiekko, Sayartchen, Schoorasana, Scuelazyns, Sendaya, Sharhelund, Sharji, Shihuken, Sirppala, Sirseshin, Sivala, Sobaseki, Sosala, Sotrentaira, Stegette, Stou, Suroken, Tabbetzur, Taisy, Teshi, Thebeka, Thelan, Tierijev, Tolle, Tsuguwa, Tsukuras, Tsuruma, Tunttaras, Tunudan, Tuuriainas, Uchomida, Uchoshi, Uedama, Uemisaisen, Unertek, Unpas, Uosusuokko, Uotila, Urlen, Uuhulanen, Uusanen, V0DF-2, Vaajaita, Vasala, Veisto, Vellaine, Venilen, Villore, Vouskiaho, Vuorrassi, Walvalin, Waskisen, Wirashoda, WPV-JN, Youl, Yria, Yuhelia, Zaimeth.


Alt for stealing stuff from the wrecks? :thinking:
Naah, just a forum shiptoasting alt…

Fair enough.

Didnt think that was still a thing.

This was a EDENCOM ystem , like BEI, as example.

The non sense is edencom doing nothing vs trigavians.

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You would have to thank CCP for that nonsense tho. Most of players just go to Pochven to get good standings with trigs, so they can care less about that nonsense.

CCP is actually pretty good at creating content that majority of players avoid or ignore, or is forced to ignore by boosting standings in Pochven. It ends up being like a niche gameplay stuff eventually for a part of a niche audience in niche game.


Agree. The hcar i was using was a wannabe trader trying up reputations.

Look s tehy dont want Cadary navy reputations, to sell isk in plex mode

The NPC’s will still shoot the triglavian NPC’s if they happen to end up on grid with them, however thats more down to luck than anything as they don’t actively “hunt” triglavians just for existing, the same happens with the 3 fleets when they are all stuck inside a Pochven system, if they see each other they will murder each other, but if not they just randomly wander around until they do

I went away from the game for several months leaving myself and eveything I owned in a hisec station, I came back to find myself in a nullsec pocket of space with no working gates and noone else in it, ~15 billion isk of ships and inventory. I’m unsubbing call me when the triglavian nonsense is over and I can have my stuff.


Its not going to end, triglavian space is a permanent feature, if you’re looking to get assets out its entirely possible but will require work, if you don’t want to do it however you can try to sell the assets to people who do want them, or you can just contract me them and i’ll take my chances :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all seriousness you’ll either have to familiarize yourself with Pochven and its mechanics or you’ll just have to write off those assets

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I completely empathize with you. This is ridiculous.

I will restate my position one last time. The Trig content in HS is completely against new players who are trying to learn a very difficult and aging game. The trig content even for an experienced player is a stupid pain in the butt that has no real reason to be there, for a new guy, it is about as clear as a lead blanket. When I recruit people, they are the lucky ones because someone bothers to explain to them what is going on and I help them fix it as I can. This isn’t exactly exciting to anyone involved.

This mechanic is like going to play laser tag, but someone randomly runs up to you and kicks you in the nuts as you try to learn the game. The only way to solve this is to either get a veteran player to pick you up to push a button that is to high for you to reach or look up some idiotic instructions to wait for someone short enough to walk by that you can pounce on their shoulders to push said button. None of this is ever explained to you ,or made clear in any way beyond you getting killed by them and not being disgusted enough to look up how to fix it, and actually bothering with fixing it, instead of just moving on. All of this being done with a game and UI that is pretty damn hard to wade through as a new player.

Can we please make the game and the players the engaging part and not chase people off with an opaque and stupid mechanic like this? People should be funneled into engaging with actual players, instead of being face blocked by such a stupid and worthless mechanic that only really hurts people new to the game, or returning players who have zero idea about what has occurred.

Yes, the game should be hard. No, the game shouldn’t require you to use Google to find a way to fix something as stupid as this. If the information in the game isn’t sufficient on it’s own for an intelligent person to figure out without using Google, then it is a very stupid mechanic.


You are such a liar.

He is not.

go in the help channels and people will tell you how they started the game 1week ago and got blown up by triglavian in systems when trying to get to Jita - or another system with trigs.

Just go in systems with such a WH and look at the owners of the wrecks.

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He is though.

The person he is empathising with is clearly NOT a new player.

New players do not have billions slightly inconvenienced by being in Pochven.

That was the only point.

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Well I may have missed a part then , I did not see where he stated that @Zyress is a “new player”.

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Fair enough, it was my assumption that them posting a quote, and then saying immeadiately after that it hurts new players is making a link between the two. Ill accept Ive misunderstood their point.

Perhaps they could choose a quote that actually supports their point, but eh teach me to read it closer.

Still disagree though.

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You mean like the majority of EVE’s more complex mechanics?

Must have missed the part where the game has tutorial windows for missile velocity and turret tracking and how you can use MJFG’s to jump bombs around or literally anything that isn’t “Press F1 to pew pew”

EVE is hard

It once had explanation of turret mechanics with all those arc things, tracking speed, optimal, falloff and some visualizations. Tutorial, with windows, where Aura explained everything.

CCP now relies on players to explain everything to new guys. Then someone in CCP cries that veteran explain that new guy needs Rattlesnake with Gecko to earn cash.


I wanna cite this in the “Alleged vets basically living off new players by telling them BS and trapping them in a corp” file.

This sort of CEO is just the worst.

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