Please turn things around

I enjoy the heart of the game, but the changes of the last few years have not put it in a healthy state.

It’s going to take something more impacting than the upcoming FW (ty CCP Aurora & co) and audio performance tuning (ty CCP devs), pls have a sit down and look at what can be done this year to fix things before there’s no point.

p.s why do SOE not have a cov ops BS and a range of caps, for shame.


For lore reasons.

“The Sanctuary corporation poured uncountable resources into making the cloaking technology developed for the Stratios fit the Nestor, but were eventually forced to concede that it was impossible. The effort was not without benefit though, as part of their work focused on reducing the Nestor’s mass enough that it could make its way into unexplored territories that might’ve been hazardous to bulkier vessels. This paid off by affording the Nestor unmatched access to wormhole space, and meant that the embedded miniature rescue vessel on the ship’s hull could be relegated to a decommissioned role. With covert function off the table, the Sanctuary turned their eyes on logistics and now the Nestor serves as one of the best support platforms in New Eden.”

SOE does exploration. They have no need for capital ships.


So do you got any recommendations besides more SoE ships or

Time machine gets my vote, at least for game mechanics / industry / sov, whatever it takes - try it as an event of some kinds if framing is needed and see what happens, it sure cant hurt.

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Um. So like what do you mean by time machine?

Make all space nullsec for a week every month…


Hah fun as that would be would just have highsec log off for week, naa just look at reverting changes, be it jump fatigue / industry complexity (i.e didnt want to build caps / faction bs anyway debuffs) - some kind of purge event sounds fun mind.

So in other words you want a rollback.

Yea, that’s a hard no dawg.


They have to iterate on their released systems badly. And honestly for like a year. Tether, citadels, resources, rats, jump bridges. They ■■■■■■ a lot of things and they need to be un ■■■■■■.

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Problem is what they really need, development for the long term players - aspirational things for big ship owners and makers - make that shiz silly expensive to make if you like, kinda like faction titans / whatever, make them physically limited in no. but crazy powerful (like you can have only one palentine) - but actually worth making/fielding. JB are nothing new and I don’t think any real issue, fighting folks on a modern JB is a sight easier than the old JB sitting on an armed POS. tether is probaby op and could be paired back / have a cost to it, problem with any changes that requires a lot of work is the lvl at which wholly new developments (i.e. not faction variants of existing ships/models) takes time so wont be coming any time soon.

Just rolling back changes should (aside from probably pita for their database) be much easier than whole new developments, to be fair I don’t have an answer I just really hope alarms are ringing and plans are afoot for bigger changes.

Core mechanical changes that change everything a little will give us something new to learn like for example nothing can ever be cap stable anymore everything has a time limit.

Or something like changes in the distances of modules like webs are now 8km’s points are 18km and so on just to shake up everything.

Roll it back to Jan 2008 and make Can Flipping Great Again!

I am guessing that there is going to be a very strong push for Amarr and the same for Caldari in the FW then Capsuleers will log out and into their Minmatar and or Gallente Pilots to flip systems back to reap the rewards on all fronts.

I have all 4 pilots ready for the swing.


A swinger? That makes sense.

I was taught to pick a side and stick with it.

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Noble in defeat, how conservative.
Play the game.

Remove caps

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Says someone named Snowflake.

How ironic

But what does this have to do with the Vegas Strip?

Inquiring minds want to know :smiley:

Hows that ironic?

A liberal calling a conservative “snowflake” is ironic.

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