PLEX Clones for Non-Clone Vat NPC Stations

Everyone has been in the station that doesn’t have a Clone Vat system available. I suggest that a system be put in place where the Capsuleer can purchase a Mobile Clone Vat system. The MCVS would be purchased from the PLEX store for 550 PLEX. The Capsuleer could then move the MCVS into a station where they could establish a Clone. Clone replacement would cost 1 PLEX and could only be purchased from the PLEX store.

Only one MCVS per Capsuleer could be established in any Constellation at any non-Cloning facility NPC station.

You can put your medical clone anywhere you want these days. Cloning service is not required for that any more. You can also have a jump clone anywhere you want just by JCing out of a clone in any station.

Why should this free service be turned into a Pay-service? CCP already gets more than enough money from our subscriptions.

Jump Clones not Medical Clones.

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