PLEX for GOOD End Date?

I am organizing a collection from friends I know who would like to donate some amount of PLEX, but do not have the time or resources to meet the minimum threshold. To do this, I sponsor an amount equal to or exceeding that minimum and add any small donations to that. This worked well for me last time, but I have no date to announce as the cutoff time so people know how long they have to get their contribution in. Does anyone know the closing date? Perhaps @CCP_Aurora?

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We haven’t announced an end date for this campaign as the situation is ongoing and may be for some time. You’re welcome to make multiple contributions in batches.

Although I respect this isn’t your primary motivation, when the campaign does conclude we will add all the separate contributions from individuals and entities together for the purposes of calculating rewards.

If in doubt, just donate as you can and thank you for taking such an interest!


Thank you for getting back to me. I will revise the plan to take into account that it is ongoing.

So far, I have been fairly fortunate. I am an essential worker, and I have a steady paycheck. I am aware, though, that many people, in my own nation and many others, are not so fortunate and the problems the world faces from the pandemic loom large.

It has been a long standing principle of mine, though, that no good deed is so small that it is not worth doing. None so small that it is not worth some appreciation (which I think is different from a reward, but I digress). I respect that people don’t have to give much, and I also respect that some people must focus on their own self preservation and have nothing they can spare. One more person who can take care of theirself is still one less person who can’t, and still a good thing in my opinion. I also understand that the administrative burden of accepting many tiny donations is impractical to bear.

All I really care about at this point is doing my part to enable people who can afford to and want to have the opportunity to do something we can all appreciate by accepting the administrative burden of consolidating donations below the minimum threshold for people who have placed trust in me, and if by doing this I can add even one more PLEX to the program total, then that makes it all worthwhile.

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