PLEX For Good, For Turkey?

Hi everyone.

For those who don’t know me; I’m Olmeca Gold. I made The Whaler: An Eve Documentary, I served on CSM14, and I’m proud to be a part of Eve community.

As a Turkish capsuleer, I wanted to ask the community and CCP on whether you would consider doing a PLEX for Good campaign to aid Turkey (and/or Syria) so that we can alleviate some of the suffering here.

We have suffered two massive earthquakes centered in south-east Turkey. They razed several cities across Turkey. It was also in felt Syria and even further off countries Lebanon.

The government downplays the damage currently, so maybe this event did not strike you as massive as it really is. The official death toll is at 2000s, but this is only counting the deceased they were able to pull out of debris. The truth is, some 8000+ buildings (many high story high density ones) were collapsed and many of them don’t even have a search and rescue team some 24 hours after the earthquake. Several schools, mosques, hospitals, etc, are all gone as well. The highways going to these cities are damaged, so the govt cannot send heavy machinery to aid rescue operations. Making matters worse, the weather is awfully cold and many still alive under the debris will die due to hypothermia tonight and the following days. Death toll is expected to arrive at several tens of thousands when everyone is accounted for. And hundreds of thousands people will be homeless, relying on aid for food, shelter, and other necessities. Turkey declared a level 4 emergency and is asking for international aid. We will need any bit of help you can spare.

I know we Turkish Eve capsuleers are a smaller community. Maybe you don’t care for Turkey or maybe you dislike our president as much as I do. Maybe it is too much hope for a PLEX for Good. But I wanted to do my part and ask you guys. The money can go to the reputable organization of CCP’s choice.

At any rate, I am leaving a link in case some wanted to donate individually.

Fly safe



Isn’t it TurkeyYeah?

I was kinda thinking of the exact same thing for Turkey-Syria. It is really bad there.

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