PLEX for Good: Ukraine - 200 Minimum?

In the announcement of the PLEX for Good: Ukraine, there’s the following section:

We are requesting that players respect a minimum donation of 200 PLEX. This will help us process donations efficiently while also allowing those with only a small amount of PLEX to participate.

These two sentences seem to be contradictory. How does having a minimum of 200 allow those with only a small amount of PLEX to participate? Should the first sentence be, instead, a MAXIMUM donation of 200 PLEX? Or are those who have smaller amounts supposed to join up to make one donation?

But…200 plex is a small amount.

Are you thinking of old Plex?


it is a small amount as far as what someone would have if they use PLEX all the time. But I have 50 PLEX right now left over from… something…

I suppose they don’t want to be inundated with 20,000 5 ISK contracts!

No it’s just a small amount for pretty much anyone. That’s why lower than 200 falls below the efficiency threshold.

And that still doesn’t explain why you think 200plex should be a maximum donation…

But maybe you’re on the right track when you talk about pooling Plexes to donate. Why don’t you see if there is someone who will take your 50plex and combine it with their own donation.

Perhaps you missed it.

Back in the day before PLEX was broken up, a single PLEX was worth a full month of game time, so the minimum donation back then was the equivalent of 500 PLEX today. Accordingly 200 PLEX is a relatively “small” quantity of PLEX compared to what the minimum used to be.

The reason for the requested minimum is that all the contracts have to be checked and accepted manually, and there are hundreds coming in every day - it’s a big task! Honestly if someone sends even 5 PLEX we wouldn’t reject it - every little bit helps and we appreciate people giving whatever they’re able. The 200 PLEX minimum request is just to try and strike a balance between donation size and admin overhead.

So if you don’t have 200 PLEX and still want to give you can, or you can get together with some spacefriends and pass the hat around first. :+1:


When did CCP become political?

"I’ am a Ukrainian, defender of the Ukrainian people.
Secret powers were revealed to me by Zorya the day I held aloft my oaken staff and said: “By the Power of Perun! I have the powerrr!”

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Don’t have to pick sides to send help to people losing their homes.

As far as I’m aware CCP haven’t denied any services to either nation.


Whats political in it? They help people who have lost their homes, their source of income, their families. Its humanitarian, not political. There is humanitarian crisis.

They dont buy tanks or missiles for one of the sides.


They never cared about people who were bombed in Donbass. Or Syria. And suddenly all the awareness.

Or rather hypocrisy.


Its not hypocrisy, its a change that was needed. Humanitarian effort should not be limited to floods or earthquakes.

Only sad is, that such a scale of it had to occur for this change to take place.

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Thread reminded me to send in some PLEX. Happy to see there are groups chipping in to help out, proud of CCP for doing this :fist:


I you do not want to donate 200 but a lesser amount you can send it to me (Mike Azariah) and I shall aggregate and supplement to get it up to the minimum. If you do not know who I am? I am sure a few folks might vouch for me, not to mention the fact that scamming in regards to this would be a character suicide.



Way to show up mate. Way to show up.

The Ukraine does need help, any help they can get.


They would better close the Russian part of forum I think, else they will be having so much issues.

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im sure donations are voluntary meaning the amount offered should also be voluntary .
homeless people on the street accepting $100 minimum donations
^^doesnt happen why cant we donate what little we have in terms of plex . not everyones made of money real or ingame

Default language of the forums is English. So unless you are in the russian or other language specific part of the forums, you should be using English


200 plex is less than $10 usd. Its easy to turn 500 mil isk into plex and contract it to the ingame char

Besides, they will take smaller amounts, or do like mike suggested and send it to him.

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Are we sure Misha isn’t a Bolshevik? That bright-red social welfare bus of his sure does look like a T-34 from certain angles. Very sus.