Plex for Good: Ukraine edition?

Not to make this an issue of real world politics (which is against the rules here), there’s humans in need of aid in Ukraine right now, and organizations that are there just to help those in need and not pick sides.

In the past this game and its players have risen to the occasion when disasters and humanitarian catastrophes struck… can we do it again??


It is political and there are dozens of places you can donate to to show your support. Maybe take the time to send money for Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, and the dozen other countries suffering right now as well.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


There was never a PLEX for Good when there was a war involved.
I think they will not do it even when it could be about helping civilians. That lack of reaction will be in my opinion wrong, because civilians will need that money very much, whatever the end result is.
I think you will have to give your money directly to some other entity and do not buy another PLEX.


I don’t remember a time when there hasn’t been humans in need of aid. I think those who mean to help are already helping, many have been helping and more will help, for people all over the world and not just in Ukraine. Also, support your local food banks, hyperinflation was already setting in and now we have a war to deal with.
Humanitarian organizations are easy to get a hold of. No need to go through a game to help.

Let the EVE forum be for New Eden and the capsuleers.


Keep it for your own progeny. The good will doesn’t come back around unless someone takes the effort and they never do.

I’d contribute to it, and I’m sure it’d be a popular sale that would bring back players. There’s a lot of Russians and Ukranians dying over there. To add insult to injury, there are even Holocaust survivors trying to survive this war as well.

So they say… I haven’t been able to watch my favorite news channel or go to their website to inform myself for a few days so now I don’t know what’s going on with things in the world and I can’t verify the verasity of the info I see so I will stay out of everything and hope for the best, continuing to help people locally who sleep in shelters and don’t have $1 for a doughnut or a cup of coffee…

Pffff. On this forum you’re not even supposed to discuss real world politics. I’m sick and tired of then anyway, because poltics are for the Boomer / GenX generation. Mine is not even concerned with the future at all. Yeah yeah, people are dying.

My suggestion is that that stop killing each other but the pricks ain’t listening for 20 years. Let them kill each other.

Have you heard about bombs killing only politics people? Or maybe something about “apolitical undying race”? Or maybe even bullets that kills only specific political people?

FYI: The word “idiot” comes from the Greek noun ἰδιώτης idiōtēs, a private person, individual - as opposed to the state, a private citizen - as opposed to someone with a political office. In other words idiot - is person out of politics.

Delete this “Ultramar” from your nickname, as this guys where 100% engaged in politics, name yourself maybe skaven or tyranid something better. ))

And never ever speak for all generation(s), looks foolish.

They don’t have to say anything, they’ve posted it themselves on Twitter and other online platforms. This isn’t the 20th century.

I love how I have a comment awaiting approval in this thread over a day, but certain narratives and new accounts to the forum have been allowed to post all they want. It must be nice not to have anything to argue against … I see why this thread has non-consistently been left open now.

F- your pro-war censorship. If you are going to be that flagrant about promoting your political beliefs with non-consistent moderation, ISD/CCP, then I might as well do the same:

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To all the Russians and Ukranians having to face the consequences of a war fueled by narcissism, psycopathy, and gaslighting, my heart is off to you.

To be honest I donated to ukrainian army, because that seems to be the only way the bad people will be stopped from doing even more evil things like bombing of innocent children. Yes, I know its cliche, but the last person deserving bombing is them, small ones. And someone have to stop it, if the rest of world sits on their own hands.

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That’s your right. But other people don’t support the Ukraine militia because they don’t like Nazis.

This is why CCP doesn’t do P4G when military actions are involved. They know it’s impossible to be on the “right” side of the issue in an international MMO community.

Also. Why the ■■■■ is this still open?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wasn’t the Ukrainian Army bombing innocent children in Donbas just a few weeks ago?


Garri Kasparow, I dont know if you know who he is, but you should know. Since at least 2015, he is the one who knows whats going on, and to support Ukraine army is whats needed according to him, because bad people can only be stopped by force greater than them.

Maybe you should go to Ukraine and check it yourself, who is launching what, maybe you will be even able to stop them. If not, who knows, maybe the bombs will be dropping on you too.

Why? I’m pretty indifferent to what’s going on on the other side of the world from my country that is dipping its toe into authoritarianism. Plus I live is a large city that will be a ground zero strike if the morons fighting this proxy war let loose. I won’t feel a thing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You may even dont feel anything now, but something may be horribly wrong.

You dont wait untill your teeth have to be pulled, but you have to prevent some things. By force that is needed somewhere.

Political? There’s a war going on. You do know that? Russian invaded a sovereign country. People are getting bombed and killed right now.
A lot of gaming companies are banning sales to Russia altogether. Wonder if CCP is going to grow a pair…

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The disgruntled chess guy? LOL