Plex for Good: Ukraine edition?

Yea I’ve seen the footage. Tanks blown up, troops on the move… Same images I saw of Vietnam war and Iraq war and Afghanistan and Syria and in the Balkans in the 90’s and Africa and in Sourh America constantly… so what’s your point?
Pretty much all EU countries including UK and North American countries and more than half the world is sending civilian and milititary aid. You want to do more then do it but this forum isn’t the right venue. Blah blah is easy to do on forum, son.

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какая помощь нацистам, это игра и не надо плести сюда Политику. Или вы тоже нацист?

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he also mentioned the war going on in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, I would like to know why those are not “soveregin countries” in your mind


Those places aren’t caucasian enough to matter to some people.

Maybe you should suggest Moldova, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and other poor European countries.


These are not actively in war now. They are all caucasian, but the danger is different.
The stakes are higher when there is your hood attacked.

Really. I only know one kind of danger: grave danger and any human being on the planet is liable to experience it at any time no matter his skin color.
The only way it’s different is because it’s Russia and because it’s Putin and because he has nukes.

Smart man. Anyway, I’m a millenial and completely desensitized to human loss through war, as there’s always some war going on somehwhere. This is because old people with old ideas are being held in power by the majority. That means that as far as I am concerned, the majority of people can keep killing each other as they have always done. If I cared, I would hurt myself needlessly.

The sole obligation I have is to finish life without having killed anyone. If everyone had that philosophy, war would be impossible. Never obey a kill order: you kill the one that tells you to kill other people. Whatever nickname I choose over ten years ago has nothing to do with politics but with a tabletop wargame with some lore attached that has some fantasy politics dude. Spacemarines go brrrr.

а то сша (штаты) и европа потому что у них тоже ядерное оружие, поэтому и убиваю и разрушают другие страны. это игра, а не политика, не надо их смешивать

And more and more formerly “woke” western politicians and “liberal” media outlets have started saying the quiet part out loud. It doesn’t take much to stir up tribalist racism in a world dominated by the social media hate machine.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



I don’t think you guys understand the World Stage. Corruption in politics just keeps enriching the military-industrial complex, and themselves of course.

We don’t have a say in it.

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слишком много людей не думают сами за себя и ждут, пока средства массовой информации расскажут им, какова реальность. Теперь они хотят сказать нам, что думать даже в видеоигре… невероятно

You can defend yourself tho. So that you know you dont have to die to someone who want you killed or even worse, wants you to become a slave to some evil person. Fight can be personal or to a greater cause, like defence of your people from others who dont wish you or your people any good.

Because dictators are like that, they will make you kneel before them, or order your execution if you dont do that.

One on one. Would you kneel before murderer with blood of innocent people on his hands? Or would you rather take a sharp knife and butcher him for justice and to prevent futher crimes?

We both know dictators would not sit idle in some spot for me to stab them. I do not busy myself thinking about situations that will not come to pass, the closest a dictator get to killing me is having me killed by a subordinate. If I had a knife and be under such a threat, I would kill myself. That way the dictator cannot rule over me, nor do I need to suffer existence beneath him. I do not kill. I do not respect the concept of the nation state. When I say I do not value human life, that includes my own.

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The situation is complicated, but it looks like 1) both sides were doing bad things, and 2) both sides inflated abuses for propaganda purposes.

What I can say for certain, however, is:

  • There is an absolute butt ton of misinformation and propaganda out there
  • two wrongs don’t make a right
  • what Putin is doing won’t minimize human death and suffering, but increase it.
  • I miss 2021, when my biggest concern was dying from a pandemic.

So you’d enable them to achieve their strategic objectives and save on personnel costs?


No need to keep goons and gunmen on the payroll, when telling your secretary to fire off a couple of “we’re coming for you” messages to some numbers from a list is just as effective.

You are only making things easier for him, being selfish. You are collaborating by not fighting evil. You become a coward. Dead coward. You also become a traitor to people who loved you. You have lost something more than life.

But he will rule over your brother, sister, everyone who was ever close to you. And you will not be there to defend them. You fail, you get nothing, a defeatist attitude, you defeated yourself already.

I miss 1998. I would settle for 2006, too.


The good news is that the virus doesn’t do so well in temperatures in the 100,000,000° Celsius range.


I have nothing against some small warming of the atmosphere. Lets do this!

People have to learn more lessons if you ask me. Maybe then they will start caring. Make it really hot. Lava hot. Everywhere.
Time to start the final countdown.

What will not kill us, will make us stronger.

There’ll be no one left to learn the lesson. There will be no one left to care. It’ll be hot, all right. The kind of hot you get from 10,000 ICBMs finding their targets.

If you insist on being crazy, don’t wish for WW3. Grab a rifle and go stand with the AZOV battalion.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: