PLEX is rise again. How you exuses now, CCP?

Other option is what blizzard does. They control their token pricing. Sometimes you go wth is the pricing is the issue. They go cheap, then high as hell. Sometimes with no rhyme or reason.

Downside as a token buyer looking to make some quick gold when it tanks at 100K gold…it sucks.

The issues with plex market its its a 2 party system. And you kind of need the plex buying party there. They don’t buy plex…you have no plex to buy.

Ideally sellers want to get paid.

YOu don’t want companies dictating price in a worst case basically. Its not greener on the other side, imo. Blizzard is all over with this, imo, with their control here.

I’m shocked that it almost went under 2 million to be honest

I’m not sure what the problem is here?

Can we get a source on the goal to reduce PLEX price as a broader goal and not of a specific effort or sale?

There is no hike, there is simply a recovery from a 6 month low. On a commodity that until somewhat recently almost never went down long term.

Looking at the last year we can see this isn’t even the first time it has dipped back up, but it has been generally falling for the last year. Players have suggested this is due to so many people unsubbing and rar rar rar so by that reasoning this would imply a newfound interest in the game as people want PLEX again more than people need to pay for PLEX to convert to ISK.

Anywho I maybe wrong, and I encourage you to explain to me politely and clearly how I may be, but otherwise I think that is far too many words and too much thought on this topic. I hope maybe someone learned something here today :smiley:


(source for images below: EVEmarketer)

Normal players pay $15/month for a subscription instead of spending all of their time grinding to pay for the privilege of grinding again next month.


i have a novelty idea
you dont pay ■■■■
play the amount you want , during one month , and at the end you buy a plex and keep the rest of the isk

Or I could keep all of the ISK and do fun things with it in-game instead of spending hours of work to save $15. Unless you’re a high-end nullsec player (preferably one of the ones collecting corp taxes from everyone and doing no work yourself) with so much ISK you can’t possibly spend it all the in-game time you have to spend to earn $15 worth of PLEX translates to paying yourself less than a minmum-wage fast food or retail job.

yeah i see the logic
but since its a game and i will play it anyway for fun i can easily make a plex in 30 days doing any activity i want
and save 15 bucks …

After they redesign HS moon mining and PLEX start to drop, they argued that ubiquitous accesability of rare ores was affect market pricing and they glad that PLEX price goes down as they dont want to see PLEX such overpriced and volatile.

So what?
I remember when it was 300m and i can get month just running 4lvl agents in Dodixie for a half day.
As i remember when it was ~2bil for 500 but at least we have HS moon mining to get this ~2bil for pay omega.
And where i can get 2bil now?

Token cannot be trade any ways except token auction.
So it’s cannot be compared to PLEX, which can be traded all ways

I remember CCP saying this as well, I don’t have the source anymore tho

I’m in a position where I won’t have to pay for sub ever again, and also, in my country, 15€ is not a “big deal”. But in some other countries, 15€ is a lot.

Might I suggest ganking? Players carry all sorts of crazy amounts of wealth in their cargo these days.

It’s not like that everywhere, though. Places like Russia and Brazil have the same PLEX prices, but their purchasing power parity is like a sixth of what it is in a US state with a $15 minimum wage, so making money in-game becomes much more competitive with making money in real life, at least for decent in-game PvE activities that pay ~200M ISK per hour. Grinding low-tier PvE would still be vastly inefficient anywhere in the world, though.

Also, some players, such as school/college students, might not have access to real-life cash even if they understand that a real-life job would be a more efficient use of their time. I myself was in such a position, as my school didn’t allow students to work, so paying for anything in EVE meant spending allowance/gift money. And then when I went to college, college itself was so expensive that it took 100% of any income I had while still building up massive debt, that paying extra for entertainment was out of the question. But most of us had plenty of free time, so being able to grind for PLEX was quite viable.

There are certain situations in which being able to play to pay is an absolute god-send. But yeah, any western adult with a decent job has no excuse to spend many hours every week being a video game wage slave.

Or a WH. Rarely do these people claim being poor. Unless they (or corp) have done something horribly wrong with the WH setup.

Well one WH’er I knew of did claim poor. asked for donations on the forum I was at the time. Actually got money. They took it and didn’t repay back. Most said you got us keep the money, nice con.

Since a decent wh crew sneezes and their wallets get bigger.

But in those situations why not just play for free on an alpha account? The only thing these people are getting out of omega status is the ability to farm to pay for omega status and repeat the farming cycle next month. Even if I had zero IRL income I’d rather spend all of my time in EVE doing fun things on an alpha account than waste time grinding for something I’ll never get to use properly.

Today, yes. But Alpha is a relatively new concept, being only 5 years old or so. For the majority of EVE’s history, you had to sub, so not grinding out the PLEX meant you couldn’t play at all.

I do agree that you might as well play as an Alpha today, but only in part. For example, if the person doesn’t spend 100% of their time farming for a PLEX just to stay subscribed, but let’s say some kind of reasonable percentage, and spends the rest of their time playing for fun, it’s perfectly acceptable. The leftover time spent as Omega (plus the SP accumulation) might be worth the effort if that remaining time confers more enjoyment than playing a full month as an Alpha. It’s a cost/benefit analysis, basically. And once again, this is only for people who genuinely can’t afford to subscribe. If they can, there’s no excuse not to.

as long as it doesn’t get where it was 3 years ago… at 3.7 mil per plex…

But, CCP did take some toys and abilities away from botters and such like taking L4 missions from alphas

Judging by the number of complaints from people like OP about how difficult it is to farm to get the next PLEX I think the number of people in this situation is unfortunately small. It would be acceptable to spend some reasonable percentage of the time on farming for PLEX and then enjoy the benefits of omega status for the rest of your time, but it seems like the far more common situation is spending virtually all of their in-game time farming to get PLEX and doing very little else.

Hey OP, how am i supposed to make profit on PLEX if prices remain stable?

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Yeah, I got my hopes up this market was back to moving properly. Disappointed.

PLEX never was profitable goods.