PLEX is too cheap

PLEX prices have been in a steady decline since Christmas 2017. Even though the volume, of PLEX, traded seems to have increased slightly (compared to Christmas 2017 period).

So, is this a good thing for Eve or a bad thing?

On the one hand, cheap PLEX mean more people can turn their Alpha clones to Omega. People can run multiple Omega subsricptions easily. And all the rest, like cheaper SKINs etc.

On the other hand, cheap PLEX mean those who feed their Eve addiction with PLEX, get less for their real life $$$. Would this then push them to turn to ISK sellers, who are a lot cheaper?

Cheap PLEX may mean more subscribers or it could mean more bots (still more subscribers :smiley:)

Any thoughts?

My stash dipped under 50k, so if prices drop further I may be tempted to replenish it.


:rofl: #PLEX is too cheap


More profit for CCP it means, that’s all you need to know for future prediction of ingame PLEX prices. BTW, PLEX is still more expensive than before the split.


Attention grabbing headline… borrowing the trick from tabloids :stuck_out_tongue:

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Prices kept increasing to 3.5m after that too… But it seems like a steady decline is in play, with no bottom in sight.

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Because of all the sales and special offers CCP is pushing out more frequently, plus people need a lot of ISK for their Abyss gambling.

Introducing gambling back into New Eden I presume was part of the marketing strategy to rise profits.


Agree on this point… what they are doing, with sales, seems to be pushing the price down more and more… I am not sure if that’s intentional or not!

You mean that people will need more ISK and turn to PLEX selling?

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Yes, either from stock or newly bought with $

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PLEX will never be the right price for EVE players. It is either too expensive or too cheap… Maybe next time PLEX will bee too stagnant!



Nothing will be the right price…

It’s just that I can’t reconcile the volume staying the same/increasing slightly and price just taking a nose dive.

If it was any other item, fair enough… but PLEX which is a quite important item… it’s a different cup of tea :slight_smile:

Is CCP deliberately driving the price down? Is it a few market players? I have delved in the PLEX selling, on the market, and know that one or two players buy and sell… and have big influence on the price.


PLEX is not needed anymore to play the game fo free, so I think it dropped in demand, and prices with it. Also there was a promotion with 475 PLEX needed for a month of play, so people who acumulated PLEX could use it to pay for Omega and then dont ever buy PLEX again for it, sporadically buying some small amounts for SKIN or clothes.

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Basic economic law is:

“when there is no need for one commodity its price fall”

reason is simple: people do not buy enough PLEX from market and price is falling …


Not saying that this is what is happening… but:

You think in Eve basic laws of economics just play out… since everyone is so honorable and honest :smiley:


Plex price is linked to the success of eve online, if people believe in the game and they feel that investing is worth it plex price will rise if it keeps dropping then yea :] you can come to the conclusion yourself.

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Funny but you are right, PLEX is something like S&P index.



LOL. Known content Trademarks:

  • PLEX buyers topic - PLEX is just too expensive right now :tm:
  • PLEX sellers topic - PLEX is too cheap :tm:

I can’t believe what I’m reading :crazy_face:
When I started Eve ALLLLLLL those years ago (2010) 1 PLEX (Equivalent to todays 500 PLEX) was around 280 million ISK, Today for 500 its around 1.5 Bill
Too Cheap???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You are one of the ‘grandfathers’ of Eve :stuck_out_tongue:

To understand why the price difference, maybe ask your grandfather how much rents were, during his youth :slight_smile:


I’m just a bitter vet, grasshopper! :face_with_monocle: