PLEX is too cheap

(Whitehound) #222

Here is an idea you might want to wrap your head around. When somebody says the markets regulate themselves in a thread on PLEX prices and just when we’ve talked about how prices are regulated by demand and offer, and you find something disagreeable, then it can also be that you only didn’t get what they were trying to say.

We weren’t talking about market regulations. Only you are.

(Peta Chieve) #223

Yeah, you realise this isn’t reddit, you don’t get upvotes for good or bad posts, so why waste your time with this?

(Salvos Rhoska) #224

Stating markets regulate themselves is an asinine and oblique platitude.

Its like saying a body with cancer regulates itself, when obviously its the lack of regulation which is causing the cancer as uncontrolled cancerous cell multiplication.

Like Teckos, you arent seeing the forest for the trees.

(zluq zabaa) #225

Demand and Supply don’t regulate the price, they only regulate the temporary fluctuations of prices.

Yes, or in more simple terms: it’s just wrong. Markets are are not an actor. Markets come into existence by creating a regulated sphere for the exchange of commodities. People who say that markets regulate themselves are usually people who don’t want certain regulations (while happily accepting others). Those people normally have a personal interest in this though. They’re either rich or they’re some rich persons monkey.

(zluq zabaa) #226

Mostly to practise English and read some interesting replies by other people.

(Peta Chieve) #227

You’re just out to rustle some jimmies, I can get behind that XD

(Whitehound) #228

No. Failing to read and understand others is the issue here.

When somebody tells you you’ve got a stick up your butt then you don’t try to find it, pull it out or argue on how there isn’t one. But I suppose it’s not going to stop you from trying it anyway. :rofl:

(Salvos Rhoska) #229

If I had a stick up my butt, Im pretty sure I would notice that, and pull it out immediately.

Then Id ask who the hell stuck a stick up my butt, and why, and take action.

If someone told me I have a stick up my butt, when I dont, sure Id check just to make sure, then Id ask them why did they lie to me.

Wtf is your point?

(Whitehound) #230

That’s the same thing.

(Zachri) #231

That was entertaining. You’re projecting pretty much your own perspective on others :slight_smile: Here’s an idea, look into something called self-mirroring and apply it to behavioural interaction.

The gist remains that you’re still trying to capture a topic in binary constraints, without willingness to consider a wider perspective. To a point where you even fall prey to projecting. This is a bit sad, albeit understandable.

Yes! But keep in mind, “regulate” is a statement of perception here. In reality they don’t regulate, they respond. They are derivatives, not independants. CCP sets the boundaries, players provide the behaviour, the driver. That said, he won’t want to understand.

Agreed. But it is a statement out of perception. Remember that as an expression originating in an artificial belief system. Don’t be too hard on him.

(Whitehound) #232

Only my point was not to entertain you, but to get you closer to understanding one another. I’m then not projecting, but I’m trying to help you until you finally stop failing.

(Whitehound) #233

My point is that you lack compassion. You have no heart and until you do will you always keep searching for that stick.

(Salvos Rhoska) #234

You have compassion, or pity, for them.
But note they will not have the same for you.
You are trying to pull them out of ignorance, but they just want to pull you down instead.

Trying to save a man that does not know how to swim, may well end up with him standing on your shoulders with his head above water, whilst you drown beneath him.

(zluq zabaa) #235

Yeah, I tried to make it short in the hopes that he might actually read and understand it. If someone wants to see supply, demand, markets as independent factors, even actors of some kind, in order to achieve and protect an illusion of a system in quasi equilibrium, there is only so much one can try to poke into that closed system of belief.

edit: It’s kind of funny (for me) how we are having this discussion in this thread, which its own right is an attempt of OP to negotiate a better deal for PLEX sellers. :slight_smile:

(Whitehound) #236

Which is why rescue swimmers practice it and then safe people anyway. That’s the part you somehow neglect to see, which takes heart as well as brains in order to safe people the right way.

(Salvos Rhoska) #237

You completely missed the point.
That sucks, but I cant help you in this.

Biblical pearls before swine…

(Whitehound) #238

No. You still only lack compassion.

If you had compassion then you wouldn’t see the difficulty in saving a drowning person, but you’d see the challenge in doing it despite the odds and the fact you’d be risking your own life to do it.

(Salvos Rhoska) #239

I think you know me better than that.

When you are drowning, you have two options, sink or swim.
If you are really lucky, someone might come and rescue you, at their own risk.

Zachri is trying to save you.

(Zachri) #240

Relax, he doesn’t want the point. He’s not here for the same reasons.

(Whitehound) #241

I do, which is why I’m saying it.

In then don’t need saving. Don’t worry about me.