PLEX is too cheap

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I don’t know about the motivations of others writing or reading here, but I do support the notion that many don’t do it because they like the sound of their own words or they desperately try to come out as a winner (whatever that may be here), but there is some kind of felt obligation to assumed truth that brings people to argue with each other. It’s probably less about saving souls though and more about insisting on continuous use of brains.

Because, the problem/challenge for everyone is this: if we stop using reason, analytics, self-reflection and taking the risk to learn something new or even having to deal with clouded thoughts that we haven’t met before, we give way to magical thinking, language reduced to a performance of dick-dangling and that’s a loss for human kind, which includes ourselves.

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Re-read Zachri’s posts above.
The content there is invaluable and companies would pay a premium for someone to speak it to their staff.

Teckos is a hack and has descended too far down his own rabbit hole.

The market is far more complex, and paradoxically simple, in EVE and IRL, and Zachri has opened the door to understanding that far better than I can.

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Wanting to argue is already a mistake. Remember, the guidelines say to try to agree even when we disagree.

So when one values arguments more, no matter how sound they may be, but one ignores what others are saying or trying to say, then it leads to misunderstandings and only further arguing.

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I don’t care for his rants. He is misguided and self absorbed and until he starts to understand what others say can he try to lecture the whole world for all I care. It will always be just another rant.

(Salvos Rhoska) #246

Your loss, then.
It is truth.

(Whitehound) #247

No, if anyone has a loss or should only care about having a loss then it’s him, but it’s also for him to decide and not for me or you.

(Salvos Rhoska) #248

He didnt rant, like Teckos does.
He just stated it as it is.
He had compassion, specifically, for you.

Take it or leave it.
Sink or swim.

(Zachri) #249

Let him be, he’s just in it for the self-gratification. Argument for the sake of argument, binary formats, always looking for something to drum on, in spite of just about everything. If you want to help him, send him tissues, cause it’s really just masturbating with pixels :stuck_out_tongue:

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Salvos, I honestly don’t care. Cry a river if you must, but I’ll be damned if I started caring for someone’s rant.

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Talk about projection…

(Zachri) #252

Again, doing it wrong. Just focus on your job, remember, you’re entertainment!

(Salvos Rhoska) #253

Already done:

(Whitehound) #254

Which part is it that entertains you?

@Salvos_Rhoska Stop playing the fool.

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Something often referred to as “the groove” in your amygdaloid nucleus. Now please, play the fool for a bit more. I’m sure you can try harder to keep things going :slight_smile:

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Is this all you have to say?

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Trying to save this thread before the fan-boy-brigading takes too much of a toll.

@OP : PLEX isn’t too cheap, but neither is it too expensive. It must keep moving.

Some reasons:

  1. If you zoom out far enough, you’ll realize that by buying PLEX with real money, you’re basically buying a wild card 30 days game time for any char (that finally consumes the PLEX for that reason). This real money probably comes from some kind of work you’re doing. You get money in exchange for time spent. The other guy, who buys PLEX with in-game ISK does the same in a way. He gets ISK for time spent doing in-game labor, but all he can get in exchange (at best) is another 30 days allowance to exist in this world.

  2. So basically it’s a good deal for you already. ~1.4 Billion ISK for 500 PLEX means that someone has to work at least 3 times as long for the ISK, as you have to for the money to buy the PLEX. That’s an average though, there are some guys who make > 1.4B ISK/hour in-game. However, they can’t exchange it for real money, only for subsistence so to say. They live in feudalism bound to their land and kept alive by their work, you live in capitalism.

  3. You can only rise the ISK-price for PLEX so far before people stop doing the in-game labor to keep their accounts alive. CCP will know all about it. So as a PLEX-seller while your short-term interest is to get as much ISK as possible in the exchange, your long-term goal will be to keep prices somewhat acceptable for all sides.

  4. But also fluctuating. One of the reasons you can always sell PLEX is that people are using them not only for the direct consumption into 30 days gametime, but they see them as a viable long term way to store their in-game wealth or they speculate and trade with them. If you could only ever sell for immediate consumption, the amounts traded would be far lower. PLEX in the vault is for some guys like paying the subscription 5 years ahead and that’s good business for the game company. It may get them into trouble some day, but who knows.

  5. Actually, if CCP ever were to run into trouble regarding PLEX, they’d just start buying them themselves on the in-game market using ISK they created. Better flood the game with ISK than having less people buy PLEX :slight_smile:

(Salvos Rhoska) #258

Fools have been famously wise and closest confidant of many in power.
Fool and Foil are just about synonymous.
There is value in being mocked, as a mirror image you dont want to be.

(Whitehound) #259

And do you see yourself as one?

(Salvos Rhoska) #260

Sometimes, yes.

(Whitehound) #261

Am I the white dog in this picture?