PLEX is too cheap

(Nicolai Serkanner) #282

Add Salvos and Whiteh. to a topic and it is ruined every single time.

(Whitehound) #283

The topic is a ruin, because it tries to intellectualize an in-game object. And when I’ve ruined it for you then you must have know it, too. I cannot ruin something of which you are certain.

You then don’t intellectualize carbon, or scrap metal or janitors, do you? It’s because of the one special ability of PLEX that you measure so much to it and you forget it’s your desire for PLEX (or ISKs), which is doing the talking.

(Nana Skalski) #284

Its because EVE is always dying. :wink:

(Whitehound) #285

Also the PLEX price is going up again and it looks like the annual run by the stockpiling hamsters has started. Just yesterday did someone put half a trillion ISKs worth of buy orders up for it. Somebody is rich …

(zluq zabaa) #286

And/Or pays no taxes at the structure and uses margin trading V to push up the price.

(Whitehound) #287

That’s how it’s done.

(Zachri) #288

It’s peanuts. Let’s be honest.

Even the relatively poor can make a fun return before the first reinforced timer with a little bit of smart use of, shall we say, variable taxation :stuck_out_tongue:

(zluq zabaa) #289

Oh absolutely. The lack of a tax % warning is a blessing for these kinds of ops.

And people love 0%, when all they have to do is watch out for those 50%.

(Zachri) #290

Yeah, it’s fun to see such low-key initiatives. Hilarious even to see some of the smarter ones use alts to actually advertise in places which have an interest in cutting them down.

Honestly though, putting a T into buy orders here or there isn’t that big of a deal, nor it is that unique. Have a look at CCP’s economic reports. Yes, a lot of equivalents of fiscal wealth reserves are static, hallmark of oligarchy in rising, but an equal part of it is highly active. Particularly in terms of applying the combination of economics of scale and behavioural response timers towards easy profit.

(Whitehound) #291

The fee is paid upfront and shown on the UI. Hard to miss, but anyone who misses it will likely not make the same mistake twice.

Anyhow, the orders are split into 9 and the first one has already been moved up the price and is filling up. Seems legit so far. You can watch it here <- PLEX price porn.

(zluq zabaa) #292

In order to force some PLEX of the unvary into asset safety?

It’s fascinating to watch how this really works again and again. In EVE but also in RL economics.

Sure, but there are always some that ■■■■ it up. Also if you had a relatively high volume order and the price has gone up quite a bit, 50% on the additional broker fee might be a nice side-income.

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(Zachri) #294

It’s almost as if it were life …

(March rabbit) #295

Some people used to say “Yes, we cannot do anything about it now. But talking about it we might influence someone who will be able to do something one day”.

At the end some of big changes in the World was made with their names.

(Teckos Pech) #296

This is probably the last thing you want to do…those people suffer the same problems we do, they are not omniscient.

(Salvos Rhoska) #297

The present informs the future.

Making predictions/prophesy can be a very effective means of shaping outcomes.

Its informative, but futile, to cry over spilled milk, after the fact.
You have to avoid spilling it in the first place.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #298

As starting from 2007 (yes a couple weeks I think before new years but I still get to say 07!!!) I think the majority of the players who started young now have solid jobs and just would rather not worry about in game rent so they don’t buy it to propel their account or keep it active.

I don’t know the facts but I feel like a lot of players are vets who know they don’t have to spend billions on pimp when it’s better to just have slightly more frequent losses and way more fun.

I really doubt those funding super escalations and other ridiculously expensive goals in EVE rely on it either, as they’re probably raking it in in game.

(mimi45) #299

Economics is a complex science that is based little on mathematics and is heavily based on human nature and psychology.

This is especially noticeable at such times when the bubble burst approaches and everything accelerates and everything seems possible. Only the best experts of the situation and human nature can count on earnings at such times, everyone else will lose very much when bubble burst.

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In before Teckos bumps a dead thread for no reason.

Oops. Too late.

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Why not, my thread on this topic was summarily closed…so might as well keep this one open. :sunglasses:

setting timer to swing back by in 89 days…