PLEX is too cheap

(Salvos Rhoska) #142

This post is so contrived and self-defeating in a misguided attempt to ambiguate the truth, that I dont even know where to begin inorder to respond to it.

TLDR: You just blew your cover by going full retard.

(Whitehound) #143

Shut up.

(Zachri) #144

Shush, that’s what he aims for, binary debates of ambiguity to negate discussion and conversation :slight_smile: It’s his entertainment :slight_smile:

(Salvos Rhoska) #145

Cover blown.

(Whitehound) #146

Me? No.

When you don’t like the cheap prices can you choose to buy the higher priced ones. The prices then are player-made, which you already know. So any judgement you make on the prices is a judgment on the players.

If you find the cheap prices too attractive and cannot get yourself to buy the higher priced ones then you’re only suckers, which you’ll already know, too.

You only think this was a discussion, but really it’s a rant on player-made prices.

(Zachri) #147

Yes, you :slight_smile:

Relax, it’s okay - your other people’s entertainment :slight_smile:

(Whitehound) #148

Still no.

(Zachri) #149

Awww cute :slight_smile:

(Whitehound) #150

Good, you like it. Is there anything else?

(Zachri) #151

Just keep going - as I said, you’re entertainment. Honestly, you should have a signature with a tip jar or something :slight_smile:

(Whitehound) #152

You can pay me in-game anytime, mate. I’ll take your ISKs.

(Zachri) #153

Oh not me, I’m half Dutch. Should say enough. But as you function as entertainment, I’m sure you can turn it into a little project on the side.

Now fun as this may be, the Forum is telling me that I’ve already replied 3 times to you in this particular topic, and that I should consider replying to other people too! :stuck_out_tongue: As it says, a great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.

(Whitehound) #154

Too bad. I had hoped you’d actually put a few ISKs to your words.

Wanting to discuss prices is about as idiotic as wanting to discuss why Goons or NC/PL should win or loose. The fight is the equivalent of a discussion, whereas win and loss are the outcome of it. In the same way is a discussion on prices flawed, because it, too, is merely the outcome of player interactions.

But if you still have a strong opinion on the price of PLEX then don’t buy the cheap ones, but buy the expensive ones.

(Salvos Rhoska) #155

This is contrived, and you know it.

(Whitehound) #156

Nonsense. You do have this choice. Not making it does however not mean you don’t have it.

When you want the price of PLEX to rise then you’ll have to go into the game and make it so. All this rant on PLEX prices however is just cheap.

(Zachri) #157

Let’s make it a binary arena, sure :stuck_out_tongue:

(Whitehound) #158

There is no arena here, nor any fights. This thread isn’t going to have any effect on the prices. All that is happening here is that a few of you get their horizon widened on how the market works.

(Ramona McCandless) #159

To continue this in the appropriate thread, I dont see the market working by buying high and selling low.

Feel free to explain to this novice how that works, please.

(Whitehound) #160

Why do you think it won’t work?

(Wavemistress Moidel) #161

I used to pay less than 500mill for 500 plex, and you say plex is to cheap sigh