PLEX select shift says 'no more units in scource location'


i put 900plex in my item hangar, to contract it. i tried to split the stack, 383 plex, and now it disapeared. then i checked and when u click item and shift (with plex) it says ‘no more units in scource location’ what does that mean?

so now i lost 383 plex.

it is very strange that for items it splits a stack and for pplex it says ‘no more units in scource location’

any help and tips welcome (btw i also made ticket.


It might have decided to go into the plex vault on it’s own. I know when I buy plex from the market it automatically goes into the vault. Maybe it did the same thing when you split the stack. Dunno.

Regardless, I seriously doubt you’re screwed. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to file a support ticket.

it didnt go to plexvault and i made a ticket. tnx for feedback. Still its very strange, loosing about a bill isk or 383 plx

look in the rest of your assets or check to make sure it didn’t turn up somehow in asset safety.