Plex together recruiting!

Hello everyone!

I’m the ceo of Plex together, an hi mining Corp for alpha where you can mine to grind your omega with often other people, I’m personally alpha with a venture, which isn’t that great if I was alone, we have French industrial friends which give us Orca boost at 26,6%
We offer to learn basic of mining to our member and for alpha the beautiful way of alpha mining!

We are located within some jumps of dodixie, so if actually you’re a lone miner, join us to get friendly chat whyle occupied, no prerequisite just a bunch of fun nor tips for growing in eve.

Hope I’ll see you soon in game or as one of our member :smiley:

Not to poop on you/your corp but…

HS Alphs mining in a venture as a path to Omega? Off the top of my head that’s like 1000 hours…of mining in a Venture…

Jesus…I think there is something in the Geneva Conversion against this sort of thing.

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