PLEX trading

As far as I know you can trade anything in eve
Even the entire system could be trade or selling a big corporation.
But I want to know about Plex trading and how they make profits
Please enlighten me

Buy low, sell high.


Just wow…

But most people (cuz der so smart) buy high and try to sell higher.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Low is relative. If the high was 100 and the price drops to 75 then 75 is low relative to 100 even if the global low was say 10. So if you have a pile of ISK and you think that the market is going to go up so that the current price is now a relative low you buy.

You can get into technical trading where you use statistical analysis to try and gain an edge. To the extent you are successful you are demonstrating “skill”. But if the market is based of “fundamentals” (a rational expectations equilibrium) the technical trading likely won’t help.

Note that markets were expectations update quickly and there is room such markets are volatile and subject to booms and busts. Also no technical trading strategy will always work. Other market participants will adapt rendering that strategy less and less efficacious.

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I am not sure exactly what sort of answer you are looking for then. People either make buy orders and buy it for lower value and sell it for higher, or they just outright spend irl money on plex and sell it.

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Or back in the good old days pew pew :credit_card: PLEX shuttles and sold the loot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You mean the ibis?

Like how you really invest in it?
Trading like a normal comondy or buy alot of plex and wait for the time the price goes up and sell it( like realistate)

Those too but the rookie ships are corvettes.

This… is a PLEX shuttle:

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