Pochven Buyback

Welcome to the Pochven Buyback!

We buy all your assets in NPC and public stations in pochven. We also service the Rara Fortizar.
We buy everything except BPs, Skins/Clothing and Capitals/Supers.

Our rates are:

  • 90% JBV for all Salvage that can be found/salvaged in Pochven
  • 80% JBV for all common items
  • 70% JBV for ships, notice we do not pay for rigs on ships, except for those on T3s

To sell you items, simply contract to “The Pochven Buyback” in game. We typically accept contracts within 24 hours of creation!

Dont bother calculating your asset’s value by hand, use: The Pochven Buyback | E-351

If you have any more Questions or want to discuss a larger sale/want to buy out of the buyback, reach out to us on discord: The Pochven Buyback Programm

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