Pochven is apparently a BANNED WORD when trying to fit ships

Seems a little silly to name a region something but the word itself is on a “banned word” list?

Small oversight I’m sure, but it would be great if I could name my ships without my grandma telling me to go to church.

Here, I made some proof.


We know. Means “vagina” in some language (I forget which).

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Holy ■■■■, that’s really funny!
I had no idea.

Didn’t know that … ROFL. So when I punch the hole to Pochven I actually … Zorya’s … :wink:

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Well, I’ll be.



So would it be fair instead of saying the vulgar word of vagina, to call someone a Pochven? asking for a friend :smiley:

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In other Slavic languages too.
Once this is seen then filament icon can’t be unseen as anything else…


Quite the fertility reference, that one.

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Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing!
This is too good!

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Well, if players are so fond of drawing dicks in space, someone at ccp finally picked up the challenge :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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