So if it's pronounced 'Posh-vahn', why do you spell it 'Pochven'?

There are many different pronunciations for the name of the new region floating around…
-Poch-ven (like in German ‘bach’)

But I guess we have an official source for the correct pronunciation, this CCP video: (check at 2:14)

So if it’s pronounced ‘Posh-vahn’, why write it ‘Pochven’? Is it a word from a real language?


Why are there three 'y’s in ‘Kashyyyk’ what the ■■■■

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Why is there a K in Know… dammit.


It is a contraction of Botched Region:


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When Poochy isnt on camera, all other Regions should ask “Where’s Poochy?”

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You shoud use triglavian letters.


Have you heard of Google?

In czech, Pochven means Vagina.


People keep drawing the triangle with the point at the top. Clearly the triangle should be pointing down.

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Needs to have some strings attached at the points

Yes, like the filaments.
Or the shine of the stars.

It’s clearly symbolizing a Vagina, which makes sense.

This word really has a great melody to it.

Vagina Vagina Vagina.

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It has a trig infection.

Posh vans don’t have free candy scrawled on the side.


Too bad haulers don’t accept containers, because I was always told to wrap it before you tap it. For protection.

I bet you enjoy Iterons a lot …
… and a Thorax even more so.

Wanna talk about …
… The Avatar?


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This reminds me of way-back-when MadTV released a skit pondering “what would happen if the daughterless engineers at Apple were to release yet another i-product called an iPad?”

3 years later, Apple released the iPad. They could have called it an iTab (short for “tablet”), but nope! And now here we are… where were all the women at CCP when they named the region “vagina” and made the connections look like a vagina? Damn it, Aurora! Why didn’t you stop them!!? This is blasphemy… this is madness!!!

They could have made it look like the Tri-Force instead

You don’t like Vaginas?

I do, I do… Ask @Jonah_Gravenstein’s mom

(Yay for inside jokes :smile:)

I’d say more of a “long-O” sound kind of like the word “poke” ; Poesh-vaen / Pohsh-vahn

because…languages do stuff like that?

afaik yes, sort of. Supposedly it means something like "soil/garden/farmland in Slavic language root. (hence one can see where the Czech might use it as slang for vagina)

Lady Garden would probably be the English equivalent in terms of the source meaning, it’s older slang but James May from TopGear is probably responsible for bringing it back.

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Russian. Might be related…