Pochven Must Burn!

Which is it, though? Every citizen, or every citizen who hasn’t been accused of a crime but not yet stood trial? I mean, we keep hearing from some people how because he hasn’t yet stood trial and been convicted, Heth shouldn’t be considered a criminal, only an ‘accused criminal’… so which is it?

Does every citizen have that duty, or is the mere accusation of a crime enough to excuse them?

This has already been explained to you. The Guristas got their chance to be good people during the invasions and they stabbed us in the back in Wirashoda. I’m not going to invite the living detritus from other powers to plant a dagger in there too.

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You are unfortunately quite correct here. In the evacuation of Ahtila, Crimson Serpent forces fought running air battles with Guristas craft that were covering their operations. While we mostly came out on top, when it comes to defending the fleeing transports, there were hard decisions to make, and not all of them were the right ones.

That’s a sure fire recipe for winning friends and influencing people; insults and condescension.

Look how well that worked for your Amarrian allies when they turned down help during the original Drifter invasions.

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I am not going to lie to spare the feelings of the people who abducted my fellow citizens.

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I cannot comment on your standing to have objections noted by the Chief Executive Panel but I assume any contrary decision was made on the basis of the “broad and general agreement…to co-operate where possible” between the sovereign powers (including the Intaki Syndicate) and other organisations (including the Guristas) attending the SoCT summit at FDZ4-A in YC 121. You might not agree with the decision but surely you acknowledge the CEP’s authority to make such bargains.

Last I checked the Minmatar Republic hadn’t abducted anyone.

However, if you’re referring to criminal organizations, like the Guristas or Angel Cartel, I completely understand.

I stated that my objections to including Blooder, Guri, Serpentis, Angel and Sansha capsuleers were ignored by the administration of EDI. At no point did I insinuate direct communication between the CEP and I.

That decision was made in YC121. Almost a full year before the betrayal at Wirashoda. It is currently YC123. Almost a full year after the betrayal at Wirashoda. With the betrayal at Wirashoda in mind, I will not co-operate with Guri capsuleers.

I have objected to allowing Blooder, Guri, Serpentis, Angel and Sansha elements to abuse a cluster-wide crisis for their own gain, as the Guris did in Wirashoda. I have never objected to co-operating with independent, Imperial, Federal or Republic capsuleers.

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