Pochven Must Burn!

There is no separation between the Caldari people and the Caldari State, and we will survive by our own merits or not at all.

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Uh-huh. And yet, you have a mutual defense pact with the Amarr.

How is a deal to have them help protect you ‘surviving by our own merits or not at all’? Sounds to me a lot like surviving by their merits.

I can say the exact same thing about your people blueing up with the Feds due to having enemies in common. However whining about that would be pointless. My only advice is therefore to stop mentioning things that aren’t relevant.

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Except I’m not the one insisting that in ‘Round Two’, we wouldn’t accept help from undesirables. Heck, we accepted it from the Amarr in Round One with the formation of EDENCOM, didn’t we?

As for relevance… you made it relevant when you insisted the State would prefer to utterly fail the Caldari people than take outside help… again, I guess, since the State definitely needed EDENCOM a lot more than the other empires did.


Not big on “whatever it takes”, are you?

It speaks well of her, never to have acquired your comfort with it.

Good. “Whatever it takes” inevitably tends to include sacrificing what we are and what we should be, which means survival becomes meaningless and futile even so.

Taking advantage of an enemy’s willingness to fly against another enemy is hardly that, though.

You do know that Guristas used the guise of assisting with evacuation efforts to embezzle a lot of money and conduct mass kidnapping raids, right?

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I’ve never flown with Guristas so wouldn’t really know or care what they do. They tend to explode somewhere on the sharp end as far as I’m concerned, much like any human traffickers and slavers. If you have a point to make, you should try coming at it without trying to be oblique.

Accepting the help of someone that intends to exploit and hurt you under the cover of providing assistance is worse than accepting no help at all. This is not a case of an enemy desiring to fight an enemy, it is a case of an enemy trying to stab you in the back while posing as an ally.

Ironic coming from you. Still pretending to be Caldari. Still pretending that what you are doing is for the betterment of the State. All the while your absent Trig leader, whom you still think is your ally corrals you into Pochven to watch everything around you crumble.

You spouted off continuously in this thread saying you wanted to be friends, to build bridges, to help. But all you have done since this started is shoot, murder and burn everything around you. The video I posted shows what kind of person you are.

Advice from you is no different than sipping venom from a viper’s veins.

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You do know you were the aggressors here, yes? The terrorists whose sentence I carried out were recovered after a mad suicidal charge by you and yours, all for the sake of killing Stribog employees and destroying our infrastructure. How goes your campaign, by the way? Do you feel fulfilled? We are doing just fine, just wondering if all the lives sacrificed on the altar of your own ego and self righteousness were worth anything in the end.

If you still feel unfulfilled we’d love to have you and your Federal dogs over again.

Well that sure is a bizarre visual. Did the viper get bitten and envenomated by another viper and then you decided to drink its blood? Is this a thing in the federation?

The executed crew were flying with an EM fleet. That campaign against Stribog started when Stribog attacked and destroyed an EM structure that was never used for warfleet staging apart from the defense against that attack.

I would say we got our blood-for-blood pretty good. I would have preferred a more diplomatic solution but that was in the end not my call - not any more than executing the crew members instead of getting them back in a POW exchange was.


Who asked you?

Since when do I need an invitation to talk about our campaigns in the IGS?


You replied to questions meant for Ms. Lafleur. I generally don’t engage in conversation with people whose word is demonstrably worthless.

This marks the end of one such exception. Nobody asked you.

I replied because you made a false claim about aggression by a fleet that was ours. Maybe if you want to quarrel with Clementine only don’t make claims about other people while at it.


If you make statements on this open forum of capsuleer discussion, you are effectively asking everyone with access. I know it works differently in the State and among Triglavian circles where corrupt Megacorporations or corrupt liminality cult leaders tell you the ‘official’ version of the truth and you just accept it, but here you’ll get called out for spouting nonsense.

But go ahead and beat your chest about murdering your prisoners of war. After all, If you keep throwing away everything you could possibly use to bargain with it just makes your inevitable demise come sooner anyway.

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Questions were pretty directed this time around. Sure, anyone can butt in, but it’s not always welcome.

I hope for your sake this is just you trying to be contentious. Not that it will have much of an effect, but it is remarkably ignorant if you were being sincere.

Well, actually what I said was that trusting pirates to assist the State is a bad idea, as evidenced by Guristas embezzlement and mass kidnapping raids during the invasions. Ms. Lafleur thought she’d come back to attack me a little and bring up the sentencing of her crew. I have no reason to ‘beat my chest’.

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The official position of the Chief Executive Panel is that every citizen has a duty to assist in the war effort against the Triglavian Collective. Within that context, co-operation with Capsuleers loyal to other major powers who have agreed to second forces to EDENCOM is permissible. This does not include criminals, cultists and victims of inhuman cybernetic utopian experiments. This notwithstanding, some of those extra-legal elements did fight alongside EDENCOM during the war. My objection to this was noted, recorded and overruled.

There is no difference between the Caldari people and the Caldari State.



Their willingness to help did not extend past using the war as a recruitment opportunity. Both as fuel for propaganda and to abduct citizens from fallen systems.

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