Pochven Planets

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I am preparing a FanFic Story and a short part of it is supposed to take place in Pochven. But I have never been there. Is anyone knowledgable enough to tell me, whether it would be possible for a Group of People to survive on the surface of the planets there? Namely Skarkon II and Kaunokka II and III ?

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According to official world news, Skarkon has some fighting still going on between the Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army and the trigs so presumably yes, people can live there, albeit they might not enjoy it very much under current circumstances. Iā€™d assume the same holds for the other planets.

It would be implausible that you could not survive there. For instance, the Trigs have equipped the remaining people on the surface of planets in captured systems with bioadaptive suits if I remember correctly. You simply need these suits ā€¦ which you could steal from Trigs. That could be a fancy chapter of your fanfic, explaining some backgrounds how your guys survived there after the Invasion and transformation of the space.


Thanks for the answers so far. Does anybody know, whether there is a way to find out, which Stations there have been in these two Systems before the Invasion? Unfortunately Dotlan has not a History function for the Systems. :slight_smile:

Its mosttly the same stations trigs just captured em and used em

Okay, I worded that badly. I meant, which Corporations used them.

Look at description of stations i think it should say that there

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