Pod & Planet event - Important: How to enter your work

Please note that writers for the Pod & Planet fiction contest have to enter their stories using a specific, but quick and simple procedure. The purpose is to make sure I don’t miss any entry, and to nudge me into doing the steps needed to properly get it on the scoring sheet for the judges and on the website for the readers. Like air forces around the world, this high-precision event relies on redundant systems. Said another way, “Many hands make light work.” -Anonymous slacker from olden days

How to Submit Your Work

​1) Post your story somewhere on the internet where it can be accessed by the judges and readers. Examples: The EVE Fiction forum, pastebin, Medium, Backstage Eve fiction forum, or any free blog host such as Wordpress or Blogger. The URL will be shared with the public, so don’t post in a password-protected place.

  1. Send Telegram Sam an EVEmail with:
    -The author’s name (The author must be an EVE player character, so that we can transfer in-game isk or items to you if you win. If you want to also include your RL name or some other name, just let me know).
    -The story’s title
    -Which category the story should be entered in
    -The story’s word count
    -Your confirmation that it’s your story and hasn’t been posted/published before
    -The URL link to where the story is posted.

  2. Get a confirmation mail from Sam.

  3. Go to the event website and make sure T. Sam put the entry in the correct category, spelled your name correctly, etc. (High-precision redundant systems at work).


Bump. Looks like there are some stories here that aren’t showing on the contest entries page.

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