PodMail (beta) - an ESI EveMail client

I decided to “roll my own” evemail client and came up with PodMail: https://podmail.zzeve.com

It is open source and can be found here: https://github.com/zKillboard/podmail

Right now it is still in beta testing and the finished product should be easy to setup for with your own host for those of you who are extra paranoid :slight_smile:

Feedback welcomed, and please let me know of any issues.

Known issues ATM:

  • Mailing lists that you have mails for, but are no longer subscribed too, will not have proper names.

This looks very nice, I will definitely be using this <3

Tried to install it on my own server but I have no idea how to configure it because the config.json file is missing. Do you have a short install description or something like that?

Please keep in mind PodMail is still VERY much in the beta stage. With that in mind, I did upload an example config file and some setup code, look in the /setup/ directory. I have not included requirements or setup instructions yet, because it is still beta and I don’t know all the gotchas yet in setting it up from scratch. Soon ™.

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