Poetic Justice: A view of anti-gankers failing

I know of a few Capsuleers who are really wanting the system back.

Thank you for pointing your thread out and I was happy to comment with my view if that was okay.

absolutely no idea, I don’t want anything changed, more like something added to create a game play style .

So tell me how you would stop mission or mining ganks.

So from a gankers point of view, they decide to go after targets in area x, they scout find a mission run call in there fleet and attack, we see our skill feed flash up with the kill and move to that area, we look for their staging area and there scout and lay in wait for the next gank.

Now if they don’t spot us we might intercept them, if they spot us they just look for a new sys so avoiding us, if we go in force to the mission sys, there are so many targets we can never get to any in time .

Buy now we are bored

Large fleet ganks have a location that we could move to and prepare, like you prepare for the gank.

Of course it can be done but chasing you endless around the universe is not the way.

Anti-ganking should be done on a local lvl by a group of players. Think of the loss in isk by a miner from a gank, his answer is to mine more to recover his loss, where as if he joined a group and mined with others they could work out mutual protection in some way. We have done that before, two alt’s to cover a group of miners it’s not hard.

And it’s not just afk people, you see mining corps bring everyone in mining ships to maximise the isk per hour very few will have scouts out and that’s all it takes.

Just like the only way to stop tornado gankers is the use of killrights, if you don’t have a kr they will gank and nothing we can do will stop it other than gank them 1st and we would need a tornado for that each time.

Build a presence in the SoE hubs. Station alts there to scout for Hawk. Build trust with the mission runners so they’ll fleet you if he comes. Have a bait marauder for him to go after, but instead of mission fit just tanked to the absolute gills. Put the alt in a newb farmer corp to make it look legit.

I mean on pyfa I got a golem fit that has 342k EHP in bastion mode, with 80ish resists in shields and 70ish in hull. Also start your own in-game channel for tips. Just hard to keep it clean of spies so mileage will vary.

You’ll need to change the culture of the SoE hubs so peeps actually warn each other in local and do call outs. This will take time.

AG/ganking is a very specialized form of PvP. It takes a lot of in-game skill to do.

Also, build a strong enough alliance or farm enough money to pay for BF to bash ganker structures down to reduce tethering.

Like I said in the guide, this isn’t any small undertaking. Luca’s blathertalk aside, AGing is hard if you want to actually be effective.

You mentioned boredom, that’s why in the guide I mentioned to mix up your activities. Spend the week PvEing, roaming low, but ensure you are prepped to AG on the weekend, cause that’s when its the most prevalent.

We used to have a saying back in UO in the late 90s. The weekends are red. Cause you kill enough players to be a murderer, you become red. And red activity always increased on the weekends.

It holds true for EVE too.

Every gank you stop, costs them time. Time is the real payout.

As for roaming fleets, you need alts stationed at agent hubs constantly running locator missions and you gotta comb zkills to respond quickly. As in the guide, that’s where your fast frig fleet comes in with fast warp travel capablities. You will be able to arrive first and then counter.

But yes, hunting other players is hard. Its frustrating. You’re talking to an old school low sec pirate. I did this all day, everyday once upon a day.

You won’t ever stop them all. Its impossible. Add to the fact that most HS players barely know how to play the game and it makes it even tougher.

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Isn’t that a hypocrisy? Gankers are expected to waste tornado, but you aren’t?

other than this okay

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If we could cover the cost of the tornados but at 100 mill a pop it will be a war of isk

Good post thxs and are you touting For Business. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah fine, I don’t think that ganking tornado gankers is an answer either.

Maybe the whole problem is that we cannot stop ships in space effectively due to the covert cloaking and mwd/cloak trick or instawarp or tether at citadels. If it would be easier to kill ships around gates, or we could perhaps use bubbles or similar mechanic then the station ganking could go as it isn’t logical at all that notorious criminals are allowed to gank 24/7 in front of station. But because we lack these possibilities it needs to stay.

Hence why you build your alliance up and have your ISK farming corp.

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You mean “no game mechanic that enables white knight third parties to save ungrateful miners and mission runners from near-uninterrupted carebearsim"?


Exactly :laughing:

Not entirely true. My ganker alt now has 2 kill rights for ganking, and I know you AG guys like to harvest those.

Speaking of which…will I actually know about it if anyone activates a kill right against me ? I’ve had kill rights against me before, but nothing ever happened.

I have both the kill right claimants set to bad standing…so I will know if they are around. But…would I know about it if they made the right available to all, or to a group, or whatever. Amazingly there’s lots of Youtube videos on kill rights but not a single one answers that. They are mainly about having kill rights against others…but very little about having kill rights against oneself.

They know if we have a kr that’s been sent to us, sometimes we hang on after getting it sent to us before we use it. That way they never know when we will activate it. Which is often a deterrent to drive them off the gate, if we are not really ready. We also try to scan kr targets too, lost a few tornados kills because ganker switched fit to tank so he could dock up, just as they one shot, we try to do the same with plenty of over kill, best type of hunt is when we make them jump the gate and our fleet is waiting other side, I do enjoy them

The worst type are when you setup for a kr which you think will jump gate, your guys are ready you click activate and it’s the kill right bug,

Always make sure you only click once as the next kr could be 100s of millions of isk. Just don’t fall for the kr scam that gankers like

Overkill. The one time I mined on my lonesome , had the exhumers aligned, kitsune alts nearby and the devil on speed dial.

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When the klllright is activated you immediately become a suspect. That is all there is to it.

Let them save themselves. They don’t need no simps