Poitot Club Naming Vote

(Yvonne Ganteau) #1

Greetings to all of you! My name is Yvonne Ganteau, and as recently published in I-RCN’s news, I’m opening a club within the system of Poitot in the Syndicate region.

I said in my interview that I’d be bringing a small list of possible names for the club, and so here they are. Feel free to vote for which one you prefer at the bottom of this post.

Note that each possible name has a meaning behind it.

  1. Club NMLS

Poitot being known as being the only named system in Syndicate, we thought it could be appropriate for the place to be known as “Nameless”, or “NMLS”.

  1. Ruby Respite

While I’m not going to spoil the surprise of just how the club looks in detail just yet, I will say that our lighting is a beautiful shade of ruby red. As far as “respite” is concerned, as I said in my interview, we all need a place to unwind.

  1. Club 66

There are currently 66 Intaki stations within the region of Syndicate. Each one is it’s own little world, and we’ve all worked hard at keeping these worlds full of life. Our station just has an upcoming hotspot that no one should miss. :wink:

  • Club NMLS
  • Ruby Respite
  • Club 66

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We’ll do a naming ceremony closer to the club’s opening. I’ll announce when the date will be, so keep an eye out! Looking forward to seeing you all there. If there’s any questions, lemme know! :slight_smile:

(Vlad Cetes) #2

Is this the only named club in Syndicate?

(Yvonne Ganteau) #3

'fraid not! There’s a few other clubs around here that are owned by baseliners. But, (and correct me if I’m wrong here), this may be the only named club in Syndicate owned by a capsuleer. :wink:

(Vlad Cetes) #4

I mean it IS in the only named system in Syndicate

(Yvonne Ganteau) #5

It sure is!

(Silver Night) #6

I look forward to seeing this new venue, Ms Ganteau. Do you have information on what sort of events will be held there yet?

(Coulter Phelps) #7

Remains my vote.

(Lasairiona Raske) #8

Welcome to the world of club ownership. Best of luck.

(Elmund Egivand) #9

Ruby Respite.

Because of alliteration.

(Halcyon Ember) #10

Anything alliterated is almost always applauded

(Yvonne Ganteau) #11

Thanks, hun. Looking forward to it. I may come to you for advice sometime! I hear the L’Amore is wonderful.

(Lasairiona Raske) #12

You’re most welcome!

(Yvonne Ganteau) #13

Besides the opening event, I plan on letting some people rent the place out for their own events. Other than that, holiday events, and themed events will be held. But I definitely want to encourage people to rent the place out if they have a nice party idea in mind.

(Lasairiona Raske) #14

Try not to clash with mine :wink:

(Yvonne Ganteau) #15

I’m sure we can arrange something so that both venues don’t clash.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #16

What if you two just Mindclash instead?

(Halcyon Ember) #17

Hm, it’s going to be even harder to find time to arrange a party for people to attend…I guess I’ll just spend a little more time planning a garden for Elysion…

(Lasairiona Raske) #18

Naw, I’m good.

(Yvonne Ganteau) #19

A small update:

I will be accepting resumes for the following positions for this new venue:

Private Security

Pay will be negotiated based on experience and your hourly availability.

Please forward your resumes to me privately, and I will contact you.

(Mebrithiel Ju'wien) #20

Why not call it Poitot Pleasure Palace for maximum alliteration Points?