[Event] Club 66 Opening, Logo and Cocktail Contest

To begin, let me first state that the recent accident that happened during the construction process of one of the balconies was a tragic event. When we lost one of our construction workers, we lost a valued member on our Club 66 team. Ishoa Hurigen, you will be missed.

I do have some positive news, however: those that were injured in this accident are on their way to a full recovery, and we expect them to join us again on our team within the next few months.

In the meantime, I also have news that, after the decision of Club 66’s current proprietor, we will be opening our doors on the date of January 27th, YC120 at 22:00 NEST. We invite any and all to attend!

In the meantime, while waiting for the date to come around, we would like to hold a competition for both a logo, and a signature cocktail for Club 66.

Logo Contest:

Colours and design are completely up to you, and we encourage you to be creative! But keep in mind we are looking for a logo that stays true to our Syndicate roots.

1st Place: 1,000,000,000.00 ISK + VIP level access
2nd Place: 300,000,000.00 ISK + VIP level access
3rd Place: 100,000,000.00 ISK + VIP level access
*There will also be room for two honorable mentions at 50,000,000.00 ISK a piece.

Cocktail Contest:

For those of you with a fancy for creating new and exciting beverages for people to enjoy, this is for you. We are searching for a signature drink to be featured indefinitely on our menu. We have no specific preferences as to alcoholic mix, so long as it doesn’t outright kill you.

1st Place: 25,000,000.00 ISK + The drink you create for free for life. Your drink featured on our menu indefinitely.
2nd Place: 10,000,000.00 ISK + 1st place drink for free for one year. Your drink will still be featured.
3rd Place: 5,000,000.00 ISK + 1st place drink for free for six months.


Entries are to be posted here, and will be accepted until Sunday, January 21st YC120 at 23:00.


Members of the Club 66 team including security and bartenders will vote for the remainder of the week, and the winners will be announced at the grand opening.

We look forward to seeing what people come up with!


Let me guess, the baseliner employee that caused the accident was named Klaus and he drives a forklift?
He’s banned from all SFRIM facilities.

Good luck on the opening and your contest!


Ah, no. I’ve heard bad things about people named Klaus working construction, so we made sure not to hire anyone with that name.

Thanks for the luck! Hope to see you and yours there.


Can you tell us more about the club? Ambiance? Themes? Any particular trend or flavor it leans toward?


Intaki flavor, obviously.


Poitot memes, mostly.


I am glad that in spite of the tragic delay the club will be opening, and so soon. I’ve been looking forward to it since the naming vote.


Very best of luck with your opening!


A good question and something I should have provided earlier.

The idea is that this place will actually be able to be rented to those who need a venue for their events. That said, the theme could likely vary.

However, on day-to-day operations? This club leans towards a sort of sleek cyberpunk style. Our music is a mixture different styles of electronica, such as house, industrial, and dark and light edm.

Like I said for the logo, we want to stay true to our Syndicate roots; station life has brought some us up to live a certain way. Always looking to the stars around us rather than looking up at them from belong on the surface. Environmental suits in certain situations. Close quarters living. But a sense of family that couldn’t be broken with the most powerful of weapons.

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Hope to see you there!

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Thanks, Lasa. Hopefully we’ll be able to be close to as talked about as your own club is.

I made sure to move this date around so it didn’t conflict with your upcoming parties. Hopefully we can do that in the future as well with each other.

I hope you come around to see us! Would love to meet you in person.


I will certainly make every effort to come. I am free that weekend. Would you maybe like to meet up beforehand? I’d also like to donate something to your opening. :slight_smile:


I’d love to. We’ll have to figure out a time. I know you have a busy time this coming weekend.


You are welcome to attend as well, if you are able, but yes, during the week is often best for me. I’ll be in touch.


Thanks, that’s helpful!


I keep wondering why venues rarely list their locations in these announcements.
So…where in Poitot can one find Club 66?


Poitot V - Moon 14 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau

Sorry I didn’t list it earlier!


I’d like to submit an entry for the Logo Contest.



In the full album you can see the above posters in wider size as well as a few more examples of the logo itself.


I don’t really have any entries for the logo, but as I was searching GalNet for inspiration, I found some amazing artist renderings that may help you in the design phase of the club. I understand if you are already past that, but thought I would share.

This one feels like a Caldari workers bar. Not much on comfort, but you know they have their loyal customers.

A Gallente Bar if I’ve ever seen one. The color palate is off, but that can be easily changed.

Very close to feeling like a Minmatar bar. I especially like the hanging engines.

An Amarr Club I can almost see the ships docking and embarking from the station out of those windows. When I am rich and ready to retire,. this is the club I will own.


These look great! We’ve already finished the design process of the Club, but I’ve really enjoyed looking at the different types of designs out there. Thanks for sharing!