Police in asteroid belts

What if there is a new oppertunity / anomaly called “Sanctioned Ice Belt” or “Sanctioned Asteroid Belt” they have a chance to spawn in low and high sec and there are NPC police in them that protects neutrals and wipes out hostiles!

Why do you think you should get proactive NPC police protection in lowsec?


It will be an anomaly / opportunity so it will not be all of low sec at all time but it still seems like a good incentive to get more people interested in low sec.

hmmm, so police…

HS, use a character(s) already negative to the faction and kill them…then kill players that enter site.

LS, kill the facpo before or while engaging the other players…

watch in local and eventually forums those other players whine and scream…

Ideally the police would be almost impossible to defeat in these spawns. At least so much so that going through the trouble is not worth it just to be able to safely kill any miners

I doubt ccp would create new facpo/facnav that is essentially CONCORD for losec how you suggest. Let them be destroyed same as any other facpo/facnav

Don’t see the benefit of that idea. If the Ore in this “Anomaly” is very valuable, go and claim it by force or sneak in and ninja-mine it without being caught. Both requires skill and is rewarded properly if you succeed.
If it isn’t valuable, you can simply go mine the same worthless stuff in HighSec where you have FacPol and CONCORD on your side already, you only need to care for surving like 20seconds if someone wants to blow you up. Which isn’t that hard.


I’d love to see high-sec asteroid belts trigger an automatic suspect flag to any ship that warps to them with less than 0.0 security status.

This would have 0 effect on gankers since they’re going to be getting a criminal flag within moments of landing if they’re not already permaflashy. It does, however, make life significantly harder for people who want to engage in lowsec PvP but also mine in highsec.

It means escort fleets could shoot them on sight, though. Is there a reason low-sec players can’t mine in low-sec?

If the gankers aren’t landing on your barge at 0 they were bad gankers anyway.

Because they primarily play in highsec and only go to lowsec when they want to shoot stuff?

I’m really not seeing the issue here…

My point is that your proposal is completely ineffective at what you want it to do and potentially disruptive to other playstyles for no good reason.