Policy Update - Real Life Threats & Harassment


(Buoytender Bob) #857

The ToS and EULA are clear and, despite the fact that 99% of the people playing EVE just click the accept button when they are presented to them without reading through the long list of legalese, hold up perfectly well when challenged. Don’t want to play the game under the rules as stated by its creators? Then simply click the “decline” button and move on to another game. Don’t want a job, join a club, hold a license, get a loan etc. under the terms of the written agreement that goes with the arrangement, even if it affects areas of your life outside the primary relationship? Then don’t sign your name. Pretty easy and clear. I know from personal experiences in RL it holds up fine under legal examination. If there is verifiable evidence that confirms a violation of the ToS or EULA, whether a player or others thinks it’s fair or not, CCP is free to impose whatever penalty they want in regards to gameplay and in game assets…and everyone playing EVE agreed to that.

(Furoth) #858

I know, I’m necroing a dead topic. Sorry.

Still, I think it’s clear that people are against subjective terms being used in the TOS and laws because it is always abused by control freaks. Despite this game being a fantasy where we can enjoy a break from real life it is still being pushed into the game itself; by the very same control freaks. I’ve come to learn that CCP is almost certainly acting out of pressure, not ideology(I hope). Legal pressure and activist pressure are the two factors pushing this stuff so I don’t fully blame CCP for it. One thing CCP should keep in mind though is that this has and will kill businesses. First by slandering CCP as a company promoting hate, terrorism, etc, and then trying to take legal action against them. This is why CCP has these new TOS terms, nothing else and I hope you can find legal protections against it.

(DrysonBennington) #859

Wrong, you are baiting someone to fight and then turn the fight around on them saying that you were victim.

(BIade Runner) #860

Well, this a very valid and good point. Maybe is better that CCP will just delegate real life threats and all other real life actions with legal consequences to the competent authorities, and notify them with their findings. Then let them decide if any sort of action is required.

May not be good idea to mix real world with the game world; i think is not CCP job to police people private life, as they are not on charge or neither competent to do that.

So let legal issues on the hands of authorities and people prepared to do that job, as real life threats are not an issue to be handled by a GM; he may take a decision who can make things much worse, or even trigger a tragic chain of events.

PS: By being quick on banning a person suspected of real life threats, CCP may feel that they washed their hands on that issue and did all was needed to resolve it, but in reality things can be more complicated than that.
And is very obvious that banning a person will do absolutely nothing on preventing him to carry on with his threats, on contrary…

PS2: Or maybe all that CCP cares is to get himself covered in the case that s… hit the fan, and then all this discussion is completely pointless… :wink:

(Butt Cigar) #861

What about real-life in-game threats? If I say drunkenly to a dude at the pub that I’m going to commit un-Christian acts with his stash of exotic dancers next time he logs in, is that going to be a problem?