I thought that political statements were not allowed in game (nor here for that matter). My question is why is the dancing figure that finishes it’s routine by taking the knee is allowed. Now the thrust of this post is to find out if I am misconstruing the image. So what do you all think? Is it a political statement or am I reading it wrong. A simple “right” or “wrong” will suffice.

Dancing with Bees?

The Nutcracker?

That’s not the question

Alright, I shall sit on the side and wait to know what is the dancing figure then.

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I’m pretty sure taking a knee predates politics. Maybe he’s about to get knighted?

Or propose?

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Didn’t ask what is is…asked whether you thought it was a political statement

What is OP even talking about? What is it that you are referring to?

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In this modern day climate, I hardly think it is about to be knighted.

Yea but the point is you don’t know. I think in this modern day climate everyone’s too damn sensitive. Or has too much free time.

Or maybe a bit of both.

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Pretty clear as everybody else knows what I’m referring to.

Well, I don’t, care to elaborate?

Do you dock in station and look at the advertising screen?

How would it be a political statement to RL inside a game that holds fantasy wars based off Corporations and their very own political statements?

Which is why I ask the question.

The gymnastics guy??

I don’t see how this relates to your original question politics…?

So if I bought space and pictured a individual wearing a BLM tee-shirt, you would construe that to mean something about Black Legion?

I think it’s YOU that’s making the political statement. Though I’m still up in the air whether to label you Karen, or snowflake.

Bureau of Land Management?

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