Poll: Where would YOU choose to PvP?

It also doesnt really reflect werebears

Or Daddybears

It’s 82 votes out of how many thousands of players? The poll results are statistically insignificant.

Its hundreds of players with their army of goon alts.

Welcome to GD!

tbh pvp without history of conflict is so ■■■■ i am not interested it is always about numbers waste of time for me. If player is not able to be true powerfull but it is always numbers it is so low only ameba may like it.

Actually, everything CCP has published on the topic, and all their MERs, show that 80% or more of all activity in EVE is PvE. So the ‘carebears claim’ is also CCP’s own data-backed claim.

Since that is pretty much an established fact, I wasn’t interested in the question “Do you PvP?” but only in “If there was more PvP, which region would you prefer to be most active in?”. That is why I worded the thread title as I did, to mostly get replies from people who actually choose to PvP.

The small number of replies reflects, in some part, the small percentage of EVE players who are interested in PvP.

Also, TBH, it would be easier to take all your “PvP hardcore forevah, carebears suck!” trolling replies more seriously, if you weren’t in a one-person safety corp, or if you had ever done more PvP than lose a couple of cheap ships.

Was i wrong to vote wh as preference? I have only flown t1 frigs and ventures in there for some gains. Might take my main in there when i feel more confident. I fly through low sec all the time and its ok, but its not like wh and having no idea what you will find lurking in there.

That includes things like mining, things everyone has to do, it is not representative of what people LIKE to do.

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same for me!

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You can’t be ‘wrong’ in stating what your preference is. If WH is your fave place to PvP then that’s all there is to it.

I confess I am surprised that WH space hasn’t gotten more votes. I’m not a PvPer myself, but if I had guessed before doing the poll, based on what I’ve gathered from in-game chat and various forums, I’d have ranked them as:

  1. Low Sec / WH fairly close to each other in top spots
  2. Hi sec for the carebear hunters
  3. Null for the N+1 fleeters and bot hunter
  4. Faction Warfare for the farmers and bots - which may be numerous but would be unlikely to vote

and of course actual top spot would go to the majority (of players, not voters) who would vote ‘not interested in PvP’ if they voted at all. Remember the choice isn’t “where is PvP happening the most” but rather “where would you choose to PvP if PvP was decently available in that region?”.

I certainly hadn’t expected WH and High sec to come in at the bottom, or that so many people would pick ‘No preference’. To me that either means they don’t care where they go to PvP (which seems odd given travel times in EVE) or maybe that they have alts that are active in every region.

As the elite PvPrs like to point out… there is no choice…EvE is PvP…Everyone is at risk…bla bla bla…
With their obsession with destruction I’m surprised the game doesn’t have a warning window pop up on log out… ‘warning…since you didn’t engage in PvP this session there is a 50% chance your ship will be randomly destroyed upon logout. Are you sure you want to continue logging out?’
Anyhow, given the choice, I would choose to PvP in low, null and WH…you know…the way the game was designed. In the end you have to look at the bigger picture. a game company out to make money running off I would bet more than half it’s player base…not very smart. In EvE it’s more than possible to support all play styles.

PVP happens when i find a ship to shoot at

I would consider PvP if it was in a known, (relatively) easily reached area. Ain’t nobody got time to go wandering around 5,000+ mostly lightly populated systems hoping to bump into a decent PvP match.

Faction Warfare or Resource Wars would’ve worked, except that CCP long ago lost the ability to fix old code, generate functional new code, or understand how to develop content that would engage their players.

Apparently all they’ve been doing for years now is cheering each other on with “We! Strive to be! Excellent! At CCP!” chants, and anybody who points out they’ve got hundreds of employees who mostly can’t even do their job is kicked to the curb and ‘deprecated’ for ‘being overly negative’.

So yeah. Maybe PvP will be an option for me. Someday. When they fire Hillmar and half the company and PA puts some people in there who can do the job right.

I engage in PVP when I click on my character and it says “Connecting.” Everything is PVP in this game, it is just a matter of accepting it.

As of this writing, the poll has been up for 24 days, has 73 replies (so it has gone to the top of the forum a number of times), 904 views. 127 forumites have voted.

Of those 127, 28 people voted ‘Not interested in PvP’, leaving only 99 people in the General Forum over a span of 3+ weeks who care enough about PvP to vote on a poll about PvP.

To me, this confirms that there is a serious issue with CCP’s “(hardcore) open sandbox PvP game”, where virtually every measure of PvP activity shows that overall PvP activity in EVE is minimal at best (somewhere around 15% of all activity in the game).

That said, I was interested in the breakdown of where people would choose to PvP, given their druthers.

I had expected High Sec and WormHole space to score much higher, instead of being the two least chosen options (at 9% each).

Low Sec and Null are about where I expected them to be, maybe a little lower in preference.

I somewhat naively expected Faction Warfare to rank higher, but the low scores for FW made me go read up on more recent FW commentary. Apparently it’s really taken a nose-dive over the past year or so what with botting (and long-term inattention/mishandling/bad design on CCP’s part).

I was surprised by the fact that ‘No Preference’ ranked the highest of all the PvP options (almost as high as ‘Not interested in PvP’). I’m not really sure how to interpret this.

Either some people are active in PvP in all regions (which would require a lot of alts or a lot of travel time), or they are implying they will simply travel to wherever the PvP is good, or they do PvP but don’t care enough about it to care about one area over another, or they misread the poll and used ‘No Preference’ to mean “I want to see more PvP everywhere”. Probably a bit of all those and some other things besides. I should have figured out a better way to make that option clearer I guess.

At any rate, I thank everyone who voted and commented on the thread, it was educational (for me at least). Hopefully it was of some use to you too!

  • Everywhere
  • Nowhere

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