Poll: Which system shall be the new Combat System on Singularity?


The main combat system on Singularity will change soon, as discussed in this thread. We have several suggestions for which system to use in the future, but we have not decided yet on which system to take.

So I present your this poll, to get your input on this. As long as there are no good other reasons (like some blocking problem, or massive voting abuse) then we will very likely go with the result of this poll.

  • 93PI-4 (Pure Blind, 38 moons, 2 gates., 1 jump from low sec (Saranen), 15 jumps from Jita)
  • AD-5B8 (Geminate, 53 moons, 4 gates, 1 jump from low sec (Eurgrana), 29 jumps from Jita)
  • BWF-ZZ (Geminate, 52 moons, 4 gates. 1 jump from low sec (Oijanen), 10 jumps from Jita)
  • EC-P8R (Pure Blind, 64 moons, 3 gates, 1 jump from high sec (Torrinos), 13 jumps from Jita)
  • EOA-ZC (Geminate, 38 moons, 3 gates, 1 jump from low sec (Akkio), 23 jumps from Jita)
  • M-OEE8 (Tribute, 72 moons, 5 gates, 1 jump from low sec (Taisy), 9 jumps from Jita)
  • R3-K7K (Providence, 52 moons, 3 gates, 1 jump from low sec (Misaba), 21 jumps from Jita)

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We considered also other systems, but they had some drawbacks (for example L4X-1V has a too similar name to another system). One thing to keep in mind is that some of those systems are heavily used on Tranquility, for example as staging systems - but I don’t know if this would be a reason to exclude a system.

If any of those systems have major draw backs: Please reply in a regular comment with details.

Thanks for participating (without abusing things like voting with all your farming accounts), CCP Habakuk

M-OEE8 - good system,easy access to highsec/lowsec fair amount of moons …
you did not describ how many planets and asteroid belts in system are present,easy to correct.
but yes M-OEE8 is good choice and i support it

Good proposal on the rule changes and M-O was the one system I didnt think about - and its location is perfect.

However - as mentioned the /copyships command being taken off which reduces the deadspace modules available to test with is going to hamper any future testing - deadspace modules have been fairly normalized now on TQ and I dont see what the harm would be at this point in seeding them - espcially for those who want to build supercapitals for testing purposes - deadspace fits are a must to make them viable for testing.

I can see the logic behind the decision - but I think just taking that extra step and seeing how it plays out for a period of time, and if its becoming a problem then just restrict it.

they stated they seed faction green modules,they do not want seed deadspace/officer yet but this might most likely change when needs arises.so give them more time,lets wait for things to settle and lets wait.

you will have seeded sotiyo to build your ships,keepstar to dock them they will keep indexes up so you could rat in their system. right now claiming sov on sisi after this change will be probably futile because you have to do thousand of freighter trips to move your stuff into claimed system.

solution would be that ccp claim all sov systems with seeded sotyios and players could retake atleast one or two systems for their needs.

/copyships - deleting this command is bad idea,but you could do this
/copyitems - to copy only ship rigs,subsystems,modules. this will sovle all and copyships will be useless…

/moveme need change to be honest we should be able to go anywhere. taking sov on sisi after all that changes will be impossible,you will have to move a fortizar,fuel,fit,rigs to get the place to dock your toys and keepstar for big toys,this involves freighter usage,you gonna basically do hundreds of freighter trips to get system of your dream. modification to /moveme would be appreciated. just let us use i.e /moveme tvn-fm /moveme poitot /moveme tama /moveme asakai /moveme jita.

Thank you all for participating in this vote. The system has been decided: M-OEE8
Btw: I have already a test running in M-OEE8 on Singularity, but it will be properly setup after the mirror.

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Are you still going ahead with the removal of /copyships?
Almost everyone that has posted or that i’ve talked to think this isn’t a good change. Is there any way you can keep it in?

Seeding faction items is fine, since they are usually not crazy strong and i understand not seeding officer mods. But both not seeding deadspace mods and removing copyships? That will impact a lot of testing for a lot of people and lower the population that is willing to come to sisi for mass tests and just general testing. It would be a really big shame.


removal copyships is not solution. limiting it to not clone skill injectors is correct solution

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