Population numbers

When Foiritan was elected the World News announced on 28.10.YC108:

“Nearly 2.8 trillion citizens voted in the election, by far the highest turnout in the history of Gallentean democracy”

Do we have any numbers for the other empires? (though total voters are not equal to total population)

We have some outdated numbers in Source, I can get them later today after work

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Many thanks @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia

GalFed had(as of about YC114) an estimated population of 19.991 Trillion people, the Amarr empire had about 21.449 trillion, the minmatar republic had 9.641 trillion and the Caldari State had 8.411 trillion. Keep in mind how outdated these numbers are, and that this doesn’t include the populations of any of the ‘pirate’ factions, which all would have not insignificant membership/populations themselves.


Many thanks Lauralite, this is what I was trying to find it :slight_smile:

Does it say whether this number includes the disenfranchised/disassociated/non-entity population?

It includes only the ‘officially documented’ disenfranchised and non-entities which is very much the minority from what little we know

We are chipping away at these numbers by freeing our brothers and sisters from oppression from the great enemy.

when they have 19 trillion in YC114 and 2.8 trillion voted in YC108, that means their vote turnout is like 14% which is hardly… uhm… great? :smiley:

like… every 1 in 7 voted or like that. very democratic :3rd_place_medal:

EDIT: Fixxed my wrong calculations ^^

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