POS Module Configuration / Alliance Access

Hey there, I have tried around this for quite some time, but havent been able to find a solution. In the control tower management there is an option to allow access and allow the taking of items to Alliance. I have set this for a Corporate Hangar Array and a Ship Maintenance bay, yet people outside the corporation cannot access the CHA/SMA(and also not put in stuff, nevertheless take them out)

Is there a trick to this or is this generally broken functionality?

i wish there where, but POS are from the “old days” they do not use Access lists, so you can only set in-corp permissions
or the whole corp / alliance. that’s it!

the only thing unrelated players can do is access by using the forcefield password.

i use a jainator-alt that just takes ships in and out for this reason, i love pos’es even they lost the benefits … the flexibility you get is well worth the massive fuel cost.

plus you can easy avoid the wardec nonsense in highsec as well :wink:

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