Possesion of Mutaplasmids

Considering it’s origin “outside” of EVE space it is my opinion that possession of Mutaplasmids should be a crime, the Mutaplasmids subject to confiscation and the possession punishable by death.

EDIT: As is usual persons enforcing the law are not subject to the law.


This idea should be punishable by death

It is not an idea, it is an opinion. Idea implies program changes, this is DIY :smile:

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This opinion should be punishable by death

You are clearly a guilty party attempting to manipulate public opinion!

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Why does its origin make it a crime?

Abyssal (instanced) Deadspace is a corruption of EVE and if left unchecked will destroy us all!

This makes you sound like a Xenophobe…

And this makes you sound like a crackpot.

It’s a “no” from me.

How will mutaplasmid destroy us? Did you smoke some of it?

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So what? :rofl:


The smoking of mutaplasmids will continue until the carpet stops trying to eat his shoes.




someone forgot to take their meds




Surprised to see people in C&P defend instanced PvE, I guess this games players are not what they used to be.

Genuine question - what is 'Instanced PvE" please ?

All of EVE is in one “instance” meaning we can all interact.

Instanced PvE is a separate place that no one but the player in it can access. Like dungeons in WoW.

It is the anti-EVE, there is no worse change that could take place.


My freighter is in such a place every time it warps. Some of the warps take 3 minutes and more. And when I dock up then I’m also unreachable. The players in the Abyss are at risk during their time in the Abyss unlike my freighter is during warp, and the exit of the Abyss can be scanned down and some players may even leave with a suspect flag on them. I would not want my freighter to give me a suspect flag for being in warp.

A station trader, who sits docked at a station can undock, but it doesn’t make any of his profits accessible to you on undocking unlike a player leaving the Abyss. Maybe station traders should get a suspect flag on undocking when they’ve made too much of a profit with station trading.

I don’t think there is a problem here, unless one makes one up.

No. Ships in warp are not in a seperate instance.

Warping ships can be seen by anyone who is on a grid in your warp path, they can be tethered by a citadel in the warp path, they can be smartbombed in mid warp when the disco is placed properly. Even your freighter could be disco’d in mid warp, but of course would that be seriously expensive and hard to pull off.

A warp bubble is no safe space.