Possible returning player, and have some questions

I remember the skills in eve taking a certain amount of real life time to eventually research and unlock is the game still built around that?

also i remember going through those hyperwarp rings and attempting to go to nullsec and always finding they were camped and always got killed. Is it still like this?

are guilds still readily recruiting returning players?

Is there a roadmap for future development or a forum somewhere, if not is eve in maintenance mode now?

I know the main company got bought out and wasn’t sure if they released any plans. I haven’t done any research.
Thanks for taking time and answering my questions.
-Keith Onasi

Yes. Tho these days you can buy skill injectors to speed up the process.

Yes. People will still try to kill you at every opportunity, and entrances to null-sec are prime locations for doing that. Other prime locations include certain low-sec areas, wormholes and high-traffic high-sec areas.

Basically: EVE is a dangerous place and you should expect to die constantly. At least until you get used to the mechanics and figure out some tactics to avoid getting dead at every corner.

Yes. Although if you refer to EVE corps as guilds, you are likely to be treated as a newbro :slight_smile:

It’s not in maintenance mode, no. It’s still very much in active development. Tho there are also a lot of bugs/issues to be worked on, of course.

Official statement is: nothing will change, CCP will just keep doing what they’ve been doing so far. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

You can read about some future development and past changes here:

Dev Blogs are here:

hmmm… Might be a link…

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This is very old and very true: Sun Tzu Quotes

“Victorious capsuleers win first and then go to war, while defeated capsuleers go to war first and then seek to win”

I prefer his other quote.

“Know your enemies fleet doctrine and yourselves, and you shall win a hundred battles without fail.”

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