Possible Upwell Consortium Patent Infringement


“Other developments mentioned were experiments by a partnership formed by Impetus and Chemal Tech with subcranial imaging implants, aimed at applications in areas as diverse as leisure immersion, industrial simulation and control systems, and the military systems market.”

Coming from a diverse and multicultural background, i appreciate different approaches to situations, and by extrapolation i value and respect competition, as such is the cornerstone of a thriving economy.

However, when there is patented technology already available, the first thing a company should do is to approach the patent holder and negociate. There is no need for an expensive legal battle that may tarnish a respected and distiguished consortium that had provided so much for the capsuleer community.

We at Maya Entertainment take joy and pride at the labour of our contributors, not only at the superb virtual environments that our design teams create that make come true and empty the word impossible of meaning, but also at the computational support of hundreds of housands of lines of code and algorithms be it at our proprietary equipment for non capsuleers, or in miniaturized versions such as our patent pending transcranical microcontroller compatible simulatory environments.

Therefore, we come publicly to invite Impetus and Chemal Tech to work in partnership where each expertise is used in synergy towards a bright future for New Eden.

Be it for personal entertainment, military applications, workflow simulations or medical care, you can always count on the hard work, dedication and elegance of our products.

Maya Entertainment
Your Dreams are our Business

Yeah, if you’re gonna get snippy over Upwell using similar language to describe what’s likely a different method of achieving related results, you might wanna do it over something that doesn’t blatantly rip off the conceptualization of artificial sensory data provided by things like ocular implants and the capsuleer interface.

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In before lock, kidding.

To truly understand whether or not there is validity to your claim of infringement I would have to engage in some product testing of your best and most expensive lines.

You can contact my office for a shipping address to which you are invited to send any and all free hardware.


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