Possibly returning a few questions

So I played this game a bunch back between 2008, and 2012 and I am thinking about trying it out again. I have no idea whats new since then, but I do know last time I played I was mining in a mining barge mostly, but also did tackling for my corp(eve uni) when they had fleet battles. I stopped playing back then as I grew bored of mining and doing missions in my Drake from what I Recall. I am just at a loss on what to do upon returning and wanted to get a bit of direction from your opinions. All of my stuff is still in hi-sec so I don’t need to move really, but I wouldn’t mind finding a good corp that is willing to help out and get me into some PvP. I also kind of want to try exploration, and some different things this time around that I never dived into in the past.

So I have a wide variety of options to get into, but it’s a bit overwhelming since I was gone so long. If anyone can recommend a good corps, or wants to give me some advice on how I should start up again, since all of my ships are uninsured and I have a little less than 4 million isk. Each ship seems to cost close to 5 million isk to insure on bronze. I would be thankful for any help!

Signal cartel is a corp that specializes in exploration.

Unless you’re going into battle and figure there’s a good chance your ship is going to be converted into red glowing dust, insurance is a waste of isk in my opinion.

Mining is - closely followed by missions - the two most boring things you can probably do in Eve for ISK.
At least from my point of view. No wonder you got bored from that. ^^

The real fun in Eve comes from interaction with other players, not NPCs. Teaming up to do PvE or PvP is the key factor for fun.

Insurance can make sense if you expect to get blown up anyway. In most pvp-situations it’s a good idea to have a platinum insurance. It lasts for 90 days as well, so you can get yourself more than one chance to get the payout. :wink:

What ships do you have there? Are they worth keeping or could you sell them for ISK at a trade hub?
4m liquid ISK is not exactly much but should be enough to get into a cheap exploration ship.

Exploration in c1 to c3 wormholes and nullsec are probably the most effective ways to earn some first ISK. If you can make it back alive.

In your situation, a new player friendly group might be the best option.
You can find some in the Recruitement Center or also on r/evejobs. If you are not afraid of pvp. Lowsec might be a generally good idea. You usually do not have “just blues” around you like you would get in the big nullsec blocks. I don’t think that’s a good environment to learn PvP in.

The Eve Uni campus in Solitude seems pretty busy, that is their exploration center iirc. Head out that way and get in touch with those guys if you’re interested in scanning.

I would say the biggest change since 2012 is Discord, free voice channels and chat in a very gamer friendly format. It is easy to move around and meet a lot of people there. You do need invites but those seem to come from just engaging with people in game.

Welcome back o7

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