Potential cloaking change to help with camping

Ever heard about macros? And yes, yes, illegal etc. but crime being illegal never stopped it if someone really wants to commit it. So you can keep the thing up easily.

Then report them if you suspect them of doing illegal things.

Tried that with pretty obvious bots mining/ratting etc, never saw anything happen to them - you don’t have proof a lot of the time.

You don’t need proof to report someone for botting. A suspicion is enough and let CCP deal with the proof.

Yes, and that gang of 9 orcas dropping on belts, sitting there for 10 minutes if anyone is on site (or if you sit there when the orca finishes a rock, he stops mining next ones) then warping off still roams in the area I know of. Know a guy taht tried bumping them, reported them and they are still there (can give you the systems if you like orca action :wink: )

Just report them.

What do then if it did not work?

Let CCP deal with it.

Move on with your life like people have been doing with mining and ratting bots for the last decade.

I do not agree. If anything, there should be more pressure put on CCP to start dealing with them instead of assuming it’s the normal. But that’s just me.

Bots are paying customers and we had blackout to deal with them. We saw the whining that came from that and CCP removed blackout. Then we get things like the observatory further solidifying and buffing bot behavior. So you see where their mindset is at with bots.

How was the blackout supposed to deal with them?

If they can’t see you in local and your cloaky the bot can’t know to warp off before you even load the system. So you can actually kill the bots easily.

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Well, ok, I guess, but they should still go and ban the accounts taht are used to do illegal stuff instead of sending players their way, because in the end, it’s not fixing the problem - they would just start coming up with new ways of securing bots, get into corps/blocks that will allow them to have a safe place to bot in etc. Imo it would only be a timed inconvenience for them.