Potentially Rewarding PVP Offer (ALTS Welcome)

The Corporation I’m representing is under a soon to expire Wardec from a corp which appears to specialize in taking down POS’s. The targeted corp would like to extend the war dec indefinitely until the issuer pays a war termination fee of no less than 50 million isk (which will compound monthly at a rate of 100 million isk if not paid by server downtime 1/07/2018). Intel suggests the corp enacting the war declaration profits from protection offers that follow the declaration of war therefore it’s in the attackers best interest to settle or suffer losses to profit.

Pilots who join the targeted corp or ally itself with it during the war dec will receive the following:

  • A reimbursement of hulls lost to enemy corp
  • Payment equal to value of destroyed enemy ships
  • CEO logistics support when possible** (scanning, lvl 3 & 4 locator agents, etc.)
  • CEO combat support when possible
  • Payout of 25 mil*** upon enemy corp agreement to close declaration of war
  • 1% tax rate
  • A minimum of 4 to 6 currently active war targets

Current area of operations will be mostly (but not guaranteed) Lonetrek, Black Rise, and the Forge

Alts are welcome

Pilots are welcome to stay as long or as little as they choose

Perfect opportunity for freelancers and PVP beginners

Currently looking for two pilots who can begin ASAP and all interested parties should contact this character for further details.

**CEO has limited days and time to be active in eve with capital raising being their main focus; as such combat support may not always be possible

***25 mil reward only payable to pilots who stay until the dec is closed

So you are asking for allies to help harass a corp that declared war on you or the entity you represent?

Looking for allies to help harass the corp which declared war on the entity I represent

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