Precursor Support Weapon - resist neutralization / vampire

Purpose: alternative to ECM, Energy Neut, Web, warp disruptor as a support ship in fleets.


  • Ammo uses existing ammo in a new precursor weapon.
  • Effect Primary : resist neutralization of 1-8 resistance (4 shield : 4 armor) types depending on ammo loaded.
  • Effect Secondary : resist vampire
  • -x% of resist, scales with same mechanic as existing precusor weapons.

Fleet PvP:

  • Effect benefit is applicable fleet wide
  • Effect stacks with multiple pilots*.

UI :
A single debuff icon displaying -resists on mouse over.

Abyssal version feature : resist debuff can drop past 0%

I think this is your worst feature proposal yet. It’s so blatantly horrendously bad I’m not going to bother enumerating the many ways and reasons in which it is neither needed nor beneficial and how its implementation would pose harm to the game. I’m honestly starting to wonder if this is a troll forum posting alt used to share satirically bad ideas on purpose.

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