CCP Falcon will resign or be “forced out”.

Olmeca Gold will quit the CSM.

Until you can accurately predict the lottery numbers your ‘predictions’ are about as relevant as the dodo.

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"I am getting something… something from the dark world of the spirits… something they wish to communicate. I predict… predict this thread will be closed for trolling comments by the first ISD to see it.

The spirits have spoken!"




The Great Karnak predicts this thread will be locked

Who here is old enough to remember the Great Karnak?




prime example of forum badposting

Ok, ok!

The maya’s predicted the end of the world in 2012. They were obviously right, because… in that year Oreo cookies had their 100th birthday! Coincidence? I think NOT! Because if you decypher the very complex code which actually also contains the recipe for the cookie that was stolen from the Maya’s it says that anyone eating cookies made from the stolen recipe will suffer from OBESITY!!


No the Mayan culture did their calendar until 2012. More likely they thought it would need fixing after so long.

The Romans used to change their calendar every year, it is hardly proof that they thought the world would end at the end of every year.

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Ok ok. But both civilisations are gone now, right. It just a reminder from long ago that no matter how advanced and organised we get (even like those big triangular buildings in Egypt) we must not rest our laurels and fight every day to make the community a nice place to live in. Or we will become like them.

You are kidding right.

Those civilisation killed millions of people but the European Empires that followed and are still dying today will kill every life form on this rock, well 90% of them.

We are the last few centuries of human existence.

Luckely you did not read about Russia, China, Arabia, Mongolia (Ghengis K.), Africa (Zulus) and many others. But it’s not because you didn’t know it didn’t happen.

Yes those people killed a lot of people. However only the European civilisations killed 85%+ of multiple other civilisations.

Weird, western countries did ‘occupy’ 85% of the world at a certain point. Those were also different times and the colonists and natives have since lived in union. I’m from Belgium, I did not live through any occupation (Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy/Germany). Maybe we should take this to a political forum?

No thanks. Thank you for the offer though.

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Woot. Made it.



You are completely off-topic and off the forum rules as well.

No real world politics.


You are correct.

I predict CCP Falcon will close this thread for trolling/being irrelevant.

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