Presets for directional scanner

Can you make preset buttons for scanner?
For now you need to pull to the left or to the right sliders - to set a corner and distance of scan.
It would be convenient to keep the most frequently used presets and display small buttons (3-5 pieces) on the scanner window near the “scan” button.

it’s an extremely powerful tool. it does not need a buff

I wouldn’t mind a button for long scan (max range, 360) and maybe a button for short scan (min range, 360), but the game is very cluttered with information, and I think that adding any sort of button or widget to the UI without taking something out should generally be avoided.

Presets will slow you down, since every situation will be different. Learn the tool’s you have they are already very well optimized.

Technically you can make it slightly better but there is no need.

It’s already been changed where if you click somewhere on the slider, the slider moves to that point 100%. It no longer moves in incremental points. You could go from max range to .1 AU in one click if you wanted.

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